Bring Out Your Deadites!

Evil Dead is a great series of movies but my personal favourite has to be Army Of Darkness. To be honest, I believe I've only seen the first two once decades ago thus my opinion may be a little jaded. 2 Summers ago I had the distinct pleasure of watching a musical based on Evil Dead appropriately called Evil Dead, The Musical. If you click that link, you'll find a brief write-up about it. For some reason none of the photos show up (old Blogger glitch, I suspect) so I'll have to reproduce them as best as I can remember.

But before I do that, here is something I came across while searching through my hordes of crap that appears intriguing. Once upon a time, I bought Army of Darkness Death to the Mortals Boxed Set and one day I may open them, but I'm hoping someone will read this and make me an offer to buy them.

As you can see, we have the Deadite Band, The Books of the Dead, a few Deadites and the Mantlet. Not an impressive lot, I must admit. That could be why I got them on sale those many moons ago from the Silver Snail.

If you do pick this up from me, please be sure to heed the warning! I guess 14 is the cut-off age when children stop eating lead skeletons. (Be sure to click to reverse the Homunculus-size.)

As promised, here are all the photos from that previous post above. I'll have to revise that post as well someday but till I do, you'll have to visit that post for the captions.

In what must be the least scary voice-over ever, here is the Japanese trailer for the original movie, 死霊のはらわた:

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