Happy Berated Birthday.

Last week I had, for the first time in decades, a birthday party! Sure, only a half dozen showed up and two of them skipped out after dinner, though it was considered to be a natal anniversary for me. (#65, don't ya know, so I didn't want it to pass in silence.)

I was even given a few prezzies. A care package of cookies and treats including the following:

The top three items are almost finished, I have yet to sample the others. Best present of all was a Piggiless Bank. I'm not sure how Zane knew I'd like it.

If you click this link, you can see it in action.

After dinner, we went bowling and I am definitely out of practice! The other attendees skipped a trip to the pub, but Zane was kind enough to buy me a beer or two. Two young lads got chatty with him, though once they slithered away, I decided to take my celebration in my own hands and convinced some lassies to take a photo with us.

When their third pal joined us, they all sang "Happy Birthday" to me and we left shortly thereafter (sans ladies, alas.)

I grabbed a cake on the way home and sang the tune again, solo this time.

I held off writing about my prezzies until now for yesterday, another friend who was visiting her daughter in Okinawa, gifted me with these:

I am very pleased with this mascot, ルーティ (Rooty) and she brought me an Orion beer 

SO, Happy Birthday to me!

My New Years was wholly uneventful by choice. I watched a dorky movie

and drank a few brew.

Unfortunately, Bib flew off the handle when I was washing him. Sigh.

New Year's Day was spent hanging around the apartment and I broke out a couple of my Dragons

Happy Ryu Year! (Ryu = 竜 = dragon)

Hey my blog is approaching a million hits! I need to figure out how to monetize this. (Sure most of the hits may be Bots, but it still seems impressive!)

Have a great 2024, cuz 2023 sucked big time for me!


Happy Ryu Year!

Just a quick hello to ring in the new year in THREE minutes!

I watched this tonight. I cannot recommend it unless you like cheesy effects or are a Norman Fell or Phyllis Diller completist.

These are the beers I had...

And the one I'm working on now. I'll use this for the toast.

Hey, maybe my blog will reach a million!

Happy New Year!!


Merry Birthday!

This was the first Christmas that I had off in decades. Santa duties dry up on the weekdays and especially Mondays so I had nothing to do all day. Oh right, I did spend all afternoon at the Pension office to see whether I qualify. I do, but the news isn't great, I have a few more hoops to jump through and since Canada Pension is mostly in slumber mode until next year, it'll be a while before I get any definitive answer. So I'll continue doing what I've been doing which isn't as much as I wish I were doing.

I received a care package from my fellow Santa on Saturday and took the time to peruse it today. Most of it is stuff he asked if I'd like him to purchase it for me, though there are a few surprises. (Also I had forgotten about the stuff so, even then it was unexpected.) First up, a Justice League BluRay.

Although I already own this movie, he noted that it was only 220 yen, so would I be interested. I was and am glad he bought it. FIVE BluRay Discs(!), including 3D if I ever get such a player. 

I only noticed three discs when I opened it, there are two more hidden as inserts.

A nice little folder showing posters and ads.

Hey, I've been there!

Compare this to the disc I already own.

I just noticed something. NO JAPANESE! No wonder it was so cheap! This is a disc probably from Canada, for it has English and French only.

So why was the 5-disc set sold so cheaply? Someone bought the mega set that included a figure and kept it (or sold it at a profit) and then just trashed the discs.

It was going for 35000 yen, which is a substantial mark-up!

I also scored a Movie Monsters Servum, from one of the Godzilla Anime I think?

And a couple of イラストボード, Illustrated Boards.

And a Pencil case.

Not a bad haul at all.
What did you get for yourself, Michael? 
A pair of socks and a Scarlet Spider Bearbrick that almost completes the set.

A low-key Birthday indeed. 
Still, I also watched several Christmas specials that I'd never seen before. About the only one I liked was the BC one.

I won't bother reviewing them, suffice to say, they won't be getting a rewatch anytime soon.

I'll end the day with the true meaning of Christmas. Kaiju!


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