Happy Batday to You!

The third Saturday in September has been designated Batman Day and I almost forgot about it! Earlier this week, I had framed my profile pic in the Bat-Signal and here's what it looks like:

Other than that, I'd neglected to do anything batty today until I recalled the date. (I blame the Mad Hatter!) So what I've done is just look around my room without digging through boxes or cupboards and see what Bat-paraphernalia I have sitting around. First up are some Bobbleheads that forewarn me of impending earthquakes.

I have yet to try and assemble this Brickhead, I'm afraid of losing some pieces in the process.

What follows are a few figures I've acquired over the last few years.

Without picking up the display case and jostling my Batmobiles, I've taken a picture from afar.

Unbelievably, the only Funko I have of Batman!

When I was home last spring, I emptied out my storage locker and sold 20 boxes of books. I managed to salvage this novelization.

Not as quite good as Ninja Batman, Samurai Batman runs a close second.

I scored this Big-Little Book-sized book of Detective Comics covers and decided to crack it open.

My favourite ally/foe of Batman is Manbat so I chose 5 Neal Adams covers featuring our Chiropteran friend.

For a serious discussion on Manbat, I suggest you watch this:

In honour of my friend Yvonne who I nicknamed Batgirl, here is her debut.

Finally, my proudest possession is this autographed photo by Adam West!

I've put out a request of my Tokyo pals to try and take a photo of the Bat-Signal as it shines on Shibuya 109, I hope I get some responses. Check out this list for the Bat-Signal nearest you.


A Qoo d'Etat!

Since it's Talk Like a Pirate Day today, I'm going to jump the gun on a Countdown to Halloween post and show some cute Pirates right now.


That Pirated gal is none other than Jeongyeon of  Twice fame, a K-Pop group that has sung many of their tunes in Japanese as well. What follows are several of the other gals in Halloween garb anointing the label of either Orange, Apple or Grape-flavoured Qoo.






It was not until I went to the Qoo website that I noticed that the random letters behind each gal spell out something. (I didn't buy 9 bottles of one flavour, I mixed and matched.)

Here's a brief commercial...

I didn't just buy the Pops (can't really call them juices) for the flavour, I also scored a Clear File and a mini-tote bag.


A word of advice, if you want to run out and buy these, I'd do so at a supermarket where they're about 78 yen each, if you go to a Conbini, they're about TWICE that. (See what I did there?)

I don't think I'm going to run out and buy any of their albums, they're a tad to sweet for me.
Case in point...

To wrap up this "Talk Like a Pirate" post, I'd be remiss if I didn't include a silly statement I made on Facebook today. Similar in vein to two years ago, I said,
"Are you King of the Jews?"
"Quod scripsi, scripsi" ("What I have written, I have written.")
"Quid est veritas?" (What is truth?")
"Crucify him!" Why, what has he done?"
It's "Talk like a Pilate Day"!

9 years ago, it was, 
Altitude: 21,000 feet. Speed: 520 knots. Level flight. Course: zero-niner-zero.
As everyone knows, it's "International Talk Like a Pilot Day".

Today's witticism is:
I'm an iron sulfide with the chemical formula FeS₂.
It's "Talk like a Pyrite Day"!


Chicken George!

I have tons of catching up to do wrt. blogs (eg. Tokyo trip, Jazz Fest, etc) because I have been really lazy of late. Hopefully I'll get caught up before the Countdown to Halloween begins in a few weeks!

Today, I popped into one of the several 2nd Street locations today (specifically the one en route home in Minami-Sendai) just to see if I could find some cheap Halloweenish goodies. I didn't. I did though find a few items of interest to me. Several weeks ago, I was in a Mandai location and noticed a guy buying up a bunch of Ultraman Kaiju which I think were on sale. I gave him a thumbs up and he proudly showed me the bottom of the foot of one and it said "Japan". Most figures this millennium sport "China" in that same place and I've noticed that stores often sell the older ones at a premium. I'd always wondered about what makes one cheaper or more expensive and this is my first clue.

So since there were dozens of figures on sale at this 2nd Street, I checked out the feet and sure enough, I landed a few figures at 300 yen a piece. I've seen similar ones selling for 900-2900 so I may have scored a win. (Or not, regardless, I like the kooky kaiju from the Ultraman Universe.)

Here's a few. I don't feel like looking them up on the Net right now to confirm who is whom, so I'll leave that task to the Kaiju Otaku amongst you. (Their names are also written in Katakana under the foot but the lettering is rather tiny and my peepers ain't what they used to be.)

I also landed a couple of Kamen Riders from '89.

At a BookOff, I managed to find a couple of Kubricks for a buck each, a Blackjack and whatever the dude on the left is.

Oddest of all that I found today was this Wacky Walky Toy of Chicken George.

It's not exactly in pristine condition, otherwise I could probably sell it for 30 bucks or so. I only spent 500 yen for it so I may open it up and play with it.

I've never heard of the comic from which it came, here is a review of Fourteen that'll give you a good idea of what the manga is all about and here is a Pinterest page featuring tons of artwork.

Now I'd like to see a crossover between George and mild-mannered Henry Cabot Henhouse III, better known as Super Chicken!

More tidbits to come!


A Remote Chance.

I picked up the first volume of the "Build Your Own Giant Remote Controlled Godzilla Model" by the fine folks at DeAgostini the other day. I was hesitant to fork out the 5 bucks it'd take to purchase and then I saw it for only 300 yen in a BookOff and a sale was made!

Volume 1 is only 490 + tax and with it you receive his head and upper palate with tongue and teeth. It also comes with a fairly informative DVD on: how to assemble, a making of , an interview with original model maker Eizo Kaimai by Gojira expert and sculptor Yuuji Sakai, and a gallery. I tried to upload a minute of it but was unsuccessful.

Above is the aforementioned interviewer and interviewee.
Below is a minute-long video that is similar to what I tried to upload.

If you have 24 minutes to spare, here are three big nerds talking about the model.

There's also a mini-booklet that includes a centerfold of the Big G himself.

Here's an x-ray of what it should look like when near completion.

Above is the beginning of the Godzilla Chronicle which is probably an ongoing entry in future volumes. Below is an excerpt from research that goes into detail on the DVD.

Here's a closeup of the head. I doubt whether I'll ever put it together, I'm too afraid of wrecking it.

The next volume will cost 1900 yen and I think you get a few body parts in each volume for the next 90 weeks at that price. I don't think I'll buy any more volumes, even if I had any competency in model assembly whatsoever, it'd still cost me nearly 171,000 yen (~1800$) and I won't even get all the parts until August 2020! The good news is, I scored a little tube of bond, that alone is almost worth the 3 bucks I spent.

The above blog entry is dedicated to Stephen D. Sullivan whose birthday just happens to be today. Check out his website and maybe buy one of his books.


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