Get Ahead!

WooHoo! New Gatcha this week feature 4 Ape heads, Virgil and General Aldo from Battle for Planet of the Apes, and Zira and Cornelius from Planet of the Apes. Here they are in their natural state, mouth agape.

There is also the option to close their mouths though only Virgil really does so well. Cornelius is a tad wonky.

I'm fairly certain that it's Paul Williams as Virgil, Claude Akins as Aldo, Kim Hunter as Zira and Roddy McDowell as Cornelius. Perhaps, there shall be other Ape heads in the future. We need Dr. Zaius!

Here is Aldo in action.

Last week, there was another Gatcha though I'm not so sure this isn't a rerelease. Iron Man Armours. Frustratingly, I scored 6/7 of the set though the 7th eludes me.

If anyone gets a double of Mark 47, let me know. I have plenty of doubles to trade.

A set I will NOT bother trying for is this Iron Man set. Apart from the head, none of it is of interest to me. 

Why are they releasing some reruns of IM goodies? Could it be the recent Black Panther sequel? I saw it on opening day and enjoyed it, though not as much as the first one. I only picked up a single Clear File, which is unusual for me. (Maybe it's because I'm broke.) Is this an actual comic cover? Looks pretty cool.

I managed to score 5/5 Sadako figures. So cute!

Unfortunately, the movie is ending soon. Hopefully I'll get a chance to view it before it gets relegated to DVD only.

As promised, a friend delivered me this pair of chopsticks. I am very pleased with the result.

Hey, you even get a toppled temple to use as a hashioki, a place to rest your hashi when not in use.

Finally, as a follow-up to an old Blog post, here is the special secret rare Aka-Beko item that one of the teachers displays on his desk. A multi-headed Beko dragon?!?


Last Of The LootCrate Loot.

Over the last few days, I've received 3 boxes from LootCrate/LootFright and presumably these shall be the last ones I'll ever acquire. Sadly, I had to give up getting my monthly mysterious mail, mainly because when I was in the hospital, I wasn't assured of being able to grab them before they were shipped back. I had a friend cancel for me, mainly cuz I'm too big a wuss to do so myself. 

What follows are the contents of the boxes and I must say that I am disappointed in the haul. Looks like I picked a good time to quit.

I can't get the damn legs in the damn Queen. Otherwise it's a good pun with a very lackluster Bishop.

Reanimator shot glasses. If I ever start drinking again, I know where to start.

A Wolfman drink spout. Very cool IF I DIDN'T ALREADY HAVE ONE!!

I do like my Parasyte figures and movies. This is the story that started it all. In English...

A Frankie pin.

A Nosferatu figure. Not as creepy as I'd hoped.

A Hot Fuzz pint glass that changes colour when it is touched.

Finally an item that I'm pleased with. An Army of Darkness Tee.

This came today. Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Cute but not cuddly.

An Amityville pin. Meh.

A Camp Crystal Lake pennant which would be cool IF I DIDN'T ALREADY HAVE ONE!!

Some Jason magnets. I may use these at school.

Finally a pair of Jaws socks. These look pretty nice and I'll debut them tomorrow.

That's it for the haul. I may have missed a few boxes during the pandemic so they could arrive someday and I may order a few items if they're on sale. Otherwise, I shan't be scoring any more Loot from LootCrate. I have two huge boxes of the stuff to sell or give away as presents so before they leave my possession, I'll showcase them here.


Searching for Bigfoot.

After watching 3 hours of Space Ghost and then scrolling along different Twitch channels, I happened upon Harry and the Hendersons which I haven't seen since its debut.

A fun romp with great adults, tolerable kids and Oscar winning makeup (Rick Baker) for Harry. I have the movie pamphlet for this movie around somewhere. I should dig it up and show it off.

Speaking of Cryptozoic creatures...

Two Years Ago I scored a Bigfoot though I'm still looking for a Tsuchinoku

Last year, I'm lacking in a Bigfoot yet scored two different Tsuchinoku.

And I have a couple of different Tsuchinoku unrelated to the above.

This year's UMA Gatcha collection doesn't even offer a Bigfoot, though it does have an elusive Nessie. (I had to go through two extra Jackalopes and 4 Skyfish to complete the series.)

Little old man and Skyfish.

I'm not sure if this is like the Arctic Hare and it changes the colour of its coat in the winter or if it is two different types of Jackalope.

A Kappa. Hey, that looks suspiciously like the one above only not in green.

A Mothman.

And Nessie.

Here are two other cryptoids that may or may not still be around. Unlike the above they definitely did exist at one time.

The Moa who is planning on dining on that little dude. These have been extinct for a long time and I think this picture is taking a few liberties with respect to its size.

The Thylacine or Tasmanian Wolf/Tiger, last seen around 1930. Will we clone one and bring it back? I hope so.

Unrelated to the above, a friend was recently in Quebec and scored me a twirly Grinch

and some snacks. The Pretzels are WAYTOOSALTY for my current diet so they'll have to be given away and I shouldn't eat the chocolate bars for caloric reasons, but they are just too tempting.

Say Hi to Harry for me!


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