Get Baumed!

During one of my escapades in a far away town, I came across a version of Ozu no Mahoutsukai that I have never seen before. Since May 15th happens to be the birth date of L.Frank Baum, I will showcase the pictures of the book with a few observations.

A great cover with a recently crowned King of the Jungle.

A map of the Land of Oz on the inside front cover (actually back cover to Western eyes, the book reads from right to left.)

I like the beard on her Uncle.

Her wind-swept home lands upon the Wicked Witch. Note the shoes are silver, not ruby.

She encounters the Kakashi (Scarecrow).

They meet the Beruki (Tinman). I dig the funnels he has for ears.

They're all scattered by the roar of the ferocious Lion.

Dorothy admonishes the beast and Toto gets in a few nips as well.

A power nap in the poppy field leaves the Lion and Dorothy in a somnolent state.

Here's where it veers from the movie version with the rescue by the Queen of the Field Mice and her troops.

Lo, the Emerald City.

They must don protective glasses to avert the glare of the city.

The Wizard appears to Dorothy as a giant head.

To the Lion he appears in the guise of a ball of fire, to the Tin Woodsman a terrible beast and to the Scarecrow a lovely lady.

Check out the Witch that they have been sent to slay. WICKED!

Doh! Captured by flying monkeys.

The Witch manages to snag one of the Silver Slippers from Dorothy but then gets liquidated by her.

As she melts, the gang make their escape.

The Lion roars!

The Wizard is exposed and again Toto gets in a nip.

The three heroes receive their prizes.

Unfortunately the Wiz flies off with out Dorothy.

Fortunately Glinda reveals the magic within the Silver Slippers.

After several tears, Dorothy bids her companions farewell.

Dorothy enters a wormhole to whisk her back to Kansas.

Notice she has lost her slippers and runs to see her Aunt and Uncle barefoot.


The adaptation is by Hideo Tokuda and beautifully illustrated by Tamiko Koike.
Happy Birthday to L. Frank Baum!


A Banner Day!

And I don't mean Bruce.

Today is Children's Day in Japan and it is traditional to fly giant Carp banners to celebrate. I didn't venture out today to see any Carp flying, though I did go to Nasu last Monday. We were en route to the nearby zoo and came across some large Koi waving in the wind.

Impressive but not that impressive.

A few klicks later and we discovered a field full of carp that WAS impressive and decided to pull over. They were asking 500 just to park and look at the banners. That's 500 per person! We relented (it has goats!) and wandered around the joint. First up...the goats!

We share the same beard!

There's a little castle alongside but that isn't the main attraction at 那須ハートフルファーム Nasu Heartful Farm.

This area is normally home to 2 million Sunflowers, the Parking attendant apologized that they weren't in bloom (still didn't give a discount though.)

This was as near as we could get to the sunflowers.

What was there were several hundred Carp Banners and other banners depicting Japanese Folk Tales flapping in the breeze. First up some Koi!

Here's a few seconds of some flapping fish.

Now a ton of Mythological Banners.






A few more seconds of flapping banners:

A day would not be complete without a picture of yours truly.

I even got to hook up with at Mike-Cat (Calico cats are 三毛猫 or Mike-Neko.)

And I got to second base with a cow!

Not a bad little field after all. Is it worth 500 ¥ per head? Maybe once.
Happy Kid's Day everyone!


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