Kuroneko Day!

Hey, it's National Black Cat Day, a made-up but worthy holiday to celebrate the Black Cat from being a superstitious outcast. Whether you like Sailor Moon's Luna, Sabrina's Salem, or the Hocus Pocus feline, and/or are a big fan of the Marvel villainess, Felicia Hardy, Black Cats are the best. 

Cool, Felicia may be getting her own movie...finally. 

Hey there's even a Black Cat Cafe in Himeji that specializes in only Black Cats.

Also today's movie magnet just happens to be called 亡霊怪猫屋敷 (Bourei Kaibyou Yashiki) which means Black Cat Mansion and it's also directed by Nobuo Nakagawa.

Here is the movie in its entirety, though the title is slightly altered.

I like this poster even better.

Here are a few more posters...

Researching this, I discovered an entire genre of Ghost Cat movies called Kaibyou. The only one I've seen on that list is House but I'll try and rectify that and dig them up. Starting with Kuroneko which means Black Cat.

A few of the kiddies' drawings include cats. Here's a sampling.

I was told that I was NOT allowed to carve the school's pumpkin. Instead, I'm certain it'll be thrown away over the weekend. Sigh. So I started to carve my other veggies beginning with a nasu nice one, an eggplant. I had three criteria. It must be able to fit a candle; it must be edible afterwards; it mustn't be so difficult to cut that I slice my hand open.

The eggplant kind of works and can be fried up afterwards.

Candle is too long.

Needs a bit more hollowing out.

That's about as good as it gets.

The gruesome gourmet.

And I'd be remiss if I ignored Kuniyoshi's love for Cats Lots at that link and a triptych that includes a black cat.

Off to bed now, here is Poe's work, The Black Cat, for you to enjoy. I'm going to read it myself right now.


Return of the Ghost!

Huh, go figure. The movie magnet I showed yesterday is the 1959 version of Yotsuya Kaidan. This magnet is of the 1956 version directed by Masaki Mori

Here's a Japanese only clip (that is a tad dull).


This version has a minute or two of a subbed version that is far spookier. Spooky YK (Note it is on Facebook Watch so I'm not sure if you'll have access to it.

This 2017 version of Yotsuya Kaidan, has a synopsis and a mini clip, looking very much like an updated Kabuki clone.

Kuniyoshi has a couple of paintings of "The Ghost of Oiwa".

Rats. I have about 200 drawings by kids but I forgot to bring any home to photograph.

I gave each kid some Nail Stickers. One gal proudly showed them off.

These KitKats showed up about 6 weeks ago and were the only Halloween items on display. They disappeared shortly thereafter.

Ten different pictures on the package, I got three of the lower left pumpkin.

Surprisingly, it tastes a bit like apple cinnamon!

Since I don't have any ghostly pics, here is The Call of Cthulhu by artist Austin James. (I didn't bother removing it from its bubble wrap.)

Lastly, here is a selfie of a mesh pumpkin mask. Not too spooky but it does cover up my beard.


Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan!

 The Ghost of Yotsuya is the second of my old movie magnets.

Lots of details at this Wiki link

Here's a few pics I scammed from the net.

Hey, we haven't found any Kuniyoshi Ukiyoe in a while, here's one of our friendly ghost.

Here's a video of it.

Okay, that wasn't THE video of it, but it should be pretty easy to comprehend.

Ah there it is. Whoa, the whole thing subbed on YouTube! YAY!

Speaking of Ghosts, I just happen to have a handful of prints that my Grade 3s drew in today's class.

I used this Frankenstein mask (sans Unicorn) and a witch cackle to freak out the teachers at school just before they were to start a meeting.

Finally, here are some guordeous gorgeous gourds and hopefully I'll be able to carve the big one on Thursday with my kiddies.

More kid pics over the next few days...


Half a Century!

I delivered Alex's birthday present yesterday, which consisted of a weird werewolf, a tie with a werewolf, and two magnets (which may or may not contain a werewolf). (If you're wondering about today's title, he turned 50!)


That long skinny thing on the right is one of five Gatcha-Magnets that feature classic Japanese horror movies. This one eluded us for a while but it does have a crescent moon therefore maybe it has a werewolf. After much searching, it appears to be Fengyun Shichikake Pass directed by Kyotaro Nimiki in 1952. I can't find a video of it nor even any pictures of the content. This may be a still from it. I plan to feature each of these magnets over the next four days.

I gave a Scarlett Witch Clear File and a Venom Clear File to his two kids, they can fight over who gets which.

I also gave up 2 masks which are just a tad too tiny for me yet should adorn their faces well.

Alex is in the enviable position whereas he is a frequent recipient of Halloween presents from his family. My family never got my infatuation with the spooky. (I blame Jesus for having a birthday on the same day as me!) So around his house are several cheery eerie items that just brighten darken the place up.

He scored several lanterns from a school trip that they were just going to toss out. He repurposed them and gave his son the task of painting them.

We interspersed them amongst the spider-infested bushes and trees around his abode. 

Here's an example of how they turned out.

On the way home, I went to a Farmers' Market hoping to find a pumpkin. I did NOT, though I did buy several large vegetables that I hope to carve over the following week as a substitute for same. This covid-safe Anpanman sits in the parking lot.

While preparing for my first Halloween lesson, I rummaged through my old costumes and noticed that one of the scariest masks I own has succumbed to mold. I'm not even going to bother salvaging it and tossed it in the trash.

That may be the trick, the treat part of the day was scoring Mickey and Minnie at Mandai at a third of the Gatcha cost.

I already have Goofy, now I just need Chip and Dale.

That's it for tonight, I have Halloween lessons all week and I need all my strength to keep from yelling at the eager brats who mangle my costumes.


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