Botan-ical Garden.

Yay, I finally did something instead of just sitting in my apartment or going to school. Yesterday, I traveled to Sukagawa in Fukushima to see my old pals at the Eiji Tsuburaya museum and library. 

These are the dudes on the street, inside were a few more.

(Click that link above for more details on the museum and library.) 

There wasn't anything going on that day yet there were a dozen old ladies listening to an Ocarina player tooting out a Vocaloid tune. And I bought a Godzilla Clear File.

Since we were in Sukugawa anyway, we thought we'd check out the sights/sites. We discovered that there is a large Peony Garden so I suggested we check it out since I needed some fresh air. According to the website of the Sukagawa Botan-en Peony Garden, it "is the only such garden in Japan to be designated as a Spot of Natural Beauty by the Japanese government. "

It was free, so what the hey, we wandered through. Not too many 牡丹 (Botan = tree peony) in bloom yet and even the cherry blossoms had begun to dissipate. Still, here are some pics. First a honking big statue.

Flowery stuff, bush peonies (?), tulips and daffodils.

The obligatory Sakura of course...

Actual tree peonies (I think).

Some purple plants.

A shrine gauntlet.

Some fishies.

And me being silly.

Hey, at the gift shop, they had an Ultraman Clear File and apple juice. (I didn't buy the sake.)

There was a Kokeshi book for sale from which I photographed the cover because it has the "enfant terrible", ET.

We went from there to a widely touted WATERFALL! While overlooking a river cascade, I asked a passerby if this was the waterfall and she confirmed it was. The disappointment I felt was palpable.

The decorations at the neighbouring parkette were cute though.

After this blast of nature, we went shopping at Mandai in Koriyama where I bought a couple of masks. That is a story for another day.

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