Hey Mom, Can Pete Cut Trees With Us?

Yes, Peter may hew.

In honour of the passing of Peter Mayhew and since today just happens to be May the Fourth (be with you), I've dug up (almost) all my Chewbacca figures and I'll share them with you today!

Let's start with Chewie growling, shall we?


A couple of novelties. The brown one is an eraser, the greyish one is from the Chess set which I spoke of two years ago.


A couple of short stubby Wookies.

A Wookie Walker from a McDonalds Happy Set (I don't think it's from Japan).

Here it is in action!

And a photo reference a friend provided.

This walking (?) Chewie is even weirder.

Is it walking? Dancing? Doing something naughty?

Here I've paired him up with a taller version.

This little guy is courtesy of a Furuta Choco-egg which I showcased four years ago.

And this one came with a Pepsi. It's a clip for keeping a bag of potato chips closed.

I haven't removed this Chewbacca from its box because it's worth a few bucks.

A pair of Bearbricks featuring Han Solo and his first mate.

The last of my figures, I like his contemplative pose.

Finally, I'll leave you with this stuffed fuzzball.

RiP Mr. Mayhew, may the Force be with you and I hope you shall finally receive your medal.

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