Creepy Sticker Time!

I went to Hillside Mall and there is a Candy Shop there called a Dagashiya, a traditional type of store that dates back to the Meiji age. (That link links to the top ten Dagishiya including a cool one in Sendai's S-Pal.) I didn't get any sweets yet I did score some awesome spooky stickers.

There are several doubles, so I shall give them away in a contest!

Each of them has the phrase カードネムリ (Card nemuri) written upon them. Nemuri means smoke, so maybe these were originally Tobacco cards. I dunno.






This is what the obverse of the card looks like. That red streak in the middle is a strip of glue so you can attach it somewhere.

Gee, there are only 15 different ones, that means there are many duplicates since I bought a book of fifty. If anyone would like one, let me know in the comments and I'll send you a little care package with a sticker and one or two (or three) other goodies within.

Sticking to a creepy theme, I discovered a Gatcha machine with Minion Monsters within.

I only wanted the Creature yet after several tries, I was unsuccessful. I finally got one and completed a set in the interim.

I noticed that they have crept into the grocery store as well. I didn't pick up any snacks of theirs yet, I may do so later.

Today's Kemono Friend is a canine cryptid called イヌガミギョウブ  or Inugami Gyoubu.

I'm not sure why it says "808" on her flask so I'm going to pretend that it says "BOB" and is thus related to the Minions above.

While at the Hillside Mall, which coincidentally is located on the side of a hill, I took a photo of the surroundings. (You may want to click upon the pic to embiggen it.)

There is a toy store there that sells stuff really cheaply and they just happened to have some new Funko Mystery Minis. I bought several Justice League and a few Star Wars ones but they also had Dr. Seuss and Coco.

Yay, I got Horton!
(Of course, I checked the weight of all the boxes and chose the heaviest one but don't tell anyone.)

I was worried that I might not get a skeletonized character but fortunately I snagged Bony-Coco.

For a buck, I took a chance at a Pint-Sized Heroes set of Snow White. I wanted to get a villain and not a Dopey Dopey, and Woohoo!, I scored the Queen as crone.

A pretty good trip after all!

If you're ready for bed, you may want to put yourself to sleep reading a new book such as those found at Spooky Kidlit. Good night!

ps. Don't forget to comment on the stickers and I'll send you one of your favourite!


John Rozum said...

The Kappa is my favorite. I actually have a few kappas hanging around in my office.

Deadpan Flook said...

Ooh! Would love a free sticker! I live in the UK though!

I've been obsessed with Yokai since discovering Gegege Kitaro whilst looking for spooky games to cover on my Super Nintendo, and then finding out that all the crazy monsters in most of my other games were all from proper Japanese mythology!

My favourites are the popping-eyed zombie/skeleton, or the Mamma Miira / Mummy type!

I'm off to check out the rest of your blog now, as I'm only just discovering it as I work my way down the Countdown list! ;-)

Guillaume said...

It's a tie between the vampire (Dracula?) and the kappa for me. Funny, I read about kappas recently.

Guillaume said...

Oh and quick question, in Japanese folklore, what is the name of the creature (undead?) that steals the flesh and body parts from the living to take them as its own? I recently read a horror story about them, they mention the monster has a name in Japan, but did not specify which one.

Alexis Skrull said...

The females are my favorite but especially the vampire one.

Those Minion monsters look cool so congrats on them and the witch from Snow White and Horton. All great scores!

Michael Jones said...

John, I'll save you a Kappa.
Ewen, Consider a miira and/or a zombie all yours.
Guillaume, Drac is yours and a kappa too if I have an extra. As for the creature you asked about, I'll need a few more details. What was the horror story? That's a place to start.
Alexis, a vampiress will fly your way soon.

Furthermore, I have news about the 'stickers'. They aren't stickers at all! As soon as I have time, I'll update the entry on my blog.

I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to send the stuff (I'll probably include some postcards and other stuff). Probably after Halloween in case there are others interested.
Please send me your mailing address. email me at:
aoxoltl atmark hotmail dot com

NORMALperson said...

Awesome! I'd like to have some Japanese Halloween freshness! Thank you!

ShadZ said...

Wow, this the easiest contest ever!

Seriously, thank you for doing this for Halloween! A little trick or treat by mail...

Bob Johns said...

Well if you have any left and want to mail one to the states I will take one at random. Let me know here is my email. mda4life @ comcast.net


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