Countdown to December 25th!

Only a couple of weeks until Dec. 25th and you know what that means! I will be celebrating the third anniversary of my 20th birthday! It's time to beat the crowds and get your shopping done early. One of my pals in Guelph did that and I received a present today. I'm a tough guy to shop for cuz I have the nerdiest of items already. Knowing that, she wisely chose a subject that is near and dear to my heart, Halloween!

Here are a bunch of decorative wall and window stickers that I might just adorn my place with tomorrow!

This is the card that accompanied the above.


Every time I go home I give the Guelph gang some KitKats. Looks like it has finally begun to pay off!

The Strawberry Teramisu above is new and the Momiji below is an older one.

If you really want some KitKats, check this out!

That's a lot of flavours!


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