No Kinkajou at Kinkakuji.

After a 15 year hiatus, I finally got to see Kinkakuji. I visited Kyoto on Golden Week 15 years ago and due to the crowds, didn't even bother with with the Golden temple. I went the day after GW on a Monday and the darned temple was hidden behind a tarp for cleaning and restoration! This time around, I did manage to snap a few nice photos of the place and its surroundings.

I ended my visit to the Gold Temple with a Goldfish.

ps. In case you're wondering what a Kinkajou is, watch this.


Kamen C'mon.

In a right place at the right time situation, I lucked into a live show of Kamen Rider as they battle a battalion of baddies. Unfortunately, I was at the very back of the theatre and therefore my photos are mere blurs of the action. Still it was very enjoyable with lots of acrobatics and special effects. (Btw, this is Part 2 of my trip to the Toei Kyoto Studio Park.Click this for Part 1.)

There is a hall of heroics displaying heaps of Riders throughout the years. To me, they all look alike; it's the villains that I like, yet they didn't have many on display.

There are some intriguing posters of some pre-Ultraman kiddie shows. I'd be interested in them if they still exist. The last one, National Kid looks to be the most interesting.

I also caught two 3D shorts. The first one, Poseidon, was well done and whet my whistle for another one. Ninja was excellent.

All in all, a very fun afternoon and I even won a gold medallion at this game.

Samurai Park.

If you ever have an afternoon to kill in Kyoto, I strongly recommend you do it at TOEI Kyoto Studio Park. There's something there for Japanese Movie fans, Samurai fans, Ninja fans, Anime fans, fans of iconic Actors, Kamen Rider fans, 3D Movie fans,  Ukiyoe fans, and fans of fans. Since I'm a fan of all of the above, you won't be surprised to discover that I enjoyed myself.

Once you walk in, there are a few green screens for you to release your inner actor. I was caught up in a tsunami and climbed Fuji-san.

There are movie sets aplenty where innumerable Samurai movies were shot. Slightly miniaturized but highly detailed.

There is a very cool mini-museum devoted to Toei's Anime, such as GeGeGe and Cyborg 999, etc.

For the more discerning movie-goer, there is a hall dedicated to cultural icon, 美空 ひばり Hibari Misora, who quite frankly, I don't really know much about.

Lots of movie posters and awards abound.

It's getting late so I'll finish up this tomorrow. Stay tuned for lots of Masked Rider and other goodies.


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