Hysterical Or Historical.

You be the judge. Today's binder, そーなんだ! (so-nan da), puts the Manga into the Magna Carta and other events for only 190¥! First up, are the covers (starting with a Question Mark and ending with an Exclamation Point) and the colourful dividers and because everything is just so cool, I've copied four entire stories.

The accompanying magazine also has the ? & ! covers and then an introduction narrated by a couple of kids.

It then provides a timeline with the History of 日本・Japan on top and 世界・World Politics on bottom.

From the 中世・Middle Ages, we have the story of 天下統一をめざした戦国の英雄織田信長の登場. Which appears to be a tale of one of the Emperors of the day (I'd translate it for you, but I can't find my glasses and it requires squinting.)

Starting with Adam & Eve and then following a more evolutionary stance in 原始・Prehistoric Times, we go on a quest for fire, kill a mammoth and end up in an agrarian Japan.

Back to the Middle Ages we find a tale of Samurai & Ninjas.

The final story is about how the ピラミッド・Pyramids were built. The slaves look so happy slaving away!

Finally, there is a potential present for subscribers to the magazine (this time at 580¥ a pop!) A nifty little hieroglyphics dictionary that comes in its own sarcophagus!


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