Such a Ts.

I popped into Aeon Mall on my way home from work, hoping to land the last few Avengers Kuji, but no such luck. They're sold out all over the city! I wandered over to GU-Japan (That link takes you to Peanuts shirts, but you get the idea.) to see if there were any knew T-shirts. Yup, there are and in size XL as well.

I don't have any purple shirts and one with Thanos' head upon it suits my needs just fine.

By coincidence, I happen to be wearing this Thanos shirt courtesy of Loot Crate today.

This Hulk T is just incredible. Drawn I think by either Sal or John Buscema, it captures the Jade Giant's rage nicely.

Also by John Buscema I suspect is this pic with classic poses of Hawkeye and Black Widow but with a VERY odd looking Iron Man in the centre. What's up with that pentagon on his chest, the iron-diaper and the big gumboots?

I tried yet again to win a Giant Godzilla to no avail, though I did manage to land this Shield of Cap's.

It's in a Roulette-type game in which a light spins around and you have to stop the light in just the right spot. I got one after about 6 tries.

Inflated, it is quite large. (That's what she said.)

There is also an inflatable hammer although it wasn't available at this location.

At the Cinema, I was surprised that the goods for Deadpool have already been released. (It opens on Friday here.)

I picked up a pair of Clear Files.

And, yay, I finally snagged the elusive fat-headed Spidey!


Who Ya Gonna Call?

Hulkbuster! And a few more of his friends from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

As you can see, here he is paired up with Spider-Man. (Wait a sec! Spidey wasn't in AofU!)

Okay, Thor and Captain America were.

As were Iron Man and Hulk.

This Sci-Fi series of Kids Nations may in fact be a bootleg. I could only find this on the net, though similar sets went for 20-100 bucks, my friend snagged this set in the UK HK for around 10 bucks thanks to some haggling. (Oops, he found them in Hong Kong, not the UK.)

As you can see, their stands interconnect. I'd like to get the whole lot. Looks like I'll need to take a trip to HK soon. There is probably all sorts of this stuff there.

Purely by chance, the day before I met my (figure) dealer, I found this Iron Legion figure from a similar set.

Cool, also by chance, the Avengers Ultron Revolution is on one of my Cartoon channels.


It's Puzzling.

I saw the new Anime-Godzilla last Friday and much of it was puzzling to me. (Mainly because it was in Japanese and confusing as heck.) Most puzzling of all is why I had to wait an hour to get a glimpse of Godzilla and even then he didn't do too much. Still worth seeing and I'm looking forward to watching it again in English and the third movie in the trilogy in November.

I bought a Clear-File including some scenes from the movie.

There were several other goodies but I didn't bother with them. Perhaps I'll wait until they're sold in the Used Goods stores. I did though attempt to win a really big G in a different shade of blue than the ones I already own.

What's puzzling is why I didn't give up sooner.

Several months ago I scored this jigsaw puzzle, at only 300 pieces I should be able to complete it. The trick is finding space in my place to assemble it.

Then a few weeks ago I scored this sweet item. At 1000 pieces, it'll be even more difficult to find space for it!

Some day...


Just When I Thought I Was Out...

I would have been content with the Avengers goods I'd already acquired but then those money-grubbing weasels at Happy Kuji decide to start another campaign.

The final item is the coolest of the bunch, a large figure of Iron Spider.

There are two of each of these figures as well. Click the link above to see them all, otherwise these are the ones I've snagged to date.

The weirdest items up for grabs are these "Finger Skateboards". I have four different ones so far though I'd be happy if I don't get any more.

I got two Cap-skateboards so I popped one open. I'm just as adept on manipulating the finger version as I am the life-sized models.

You also get a MARVEL sticker.

Most plentiful of all (though I've yet to receive only the one) are these posters.

This is the one I landed. They are pretty nice, I must say.

At 700 yen a try, the posters and skateboards are overpriced. But those figures are worth every penny yen.

In case you aren't familiar with the quote in this post's title, here it is:


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