On Safari.

I had a few hours to kill in Himeji City so I decided to go on Safari! A thirty minute drive through a spacious zone featuring lions and tigers and bears, oh my! (Except for the bears, they came later.) I can't find the guidebook that I received upon entry so I can't tell you exactly what each of the animals are, but you should be able to recognize most of them.

Some Ibex/ Antelope/ Big Horned Sheep-type beasties.

Look out there are Llamas! Also Bison, Wildebeests and Camels.

Rhinos, Elephants and Bears (I told ya.)

In this walk around enclosure, you can get up and fairly close to several different animals and birds..

 I like Capybaras but I love Coatis.
 Merely Meercats.

 These big cats aren't allowed to wander with the others because they are endangered (or dangerous, I'm not sure which.)

Now I'm in the mood for a Kirin beer!

At the Movies.

I'm starting to map out what movies I plan to watch this summer. The most anticipated one for me is of course Avengers, Age of Ultron. The toughest part is waiting the interminably long two months before it's  released here (the LAST country on the planet) and avoiding all talk of it on the web. I already have my advance ticket purchased and with it comes a bonus mini-pen.

Other advance tickets I picked up are for Tomorrowland and Jurassic World yet another movie I have to wait a few months for. I fear it won't be worth the wait but I earned a pin/badge with the tix.

Also anticipated is the live action version of Attack of the Titans. I bought a ticket for the forthcoming movie AND another released movie in September. Not even sure what it is but buying both was the only way to get this set of Clear Files.

Another anticipated flick is Mad Max, and I only have to wait a few more weeks for it. It's getting terrific reviews so far!

I saw Zero Theorem last summer in Canada and it's finally winding its way here. I may go see it again.

No previews or posters for Ant-Man yet but I did see one for the new Fantastic Four flick. From what I've heard of it, it sounds pretty poor but then I saw the preview and my hopes improved.

I am Chappie sounds intriguing. I've heard that Japan has actually censored a few scenes to make it more family friendly. Considering what does get shown here, that rather surprises me. Some pretty cool loot is available though.

Other family fare available includes Inside Head, Shawn the Sheep and Minions yet, alas, they shall only be released here dubbed in Japanese.

Some other more adult-oriented animated movies are Bakemono, Geass and Ghost in the Shell. These look pretty cool!

A rather odd looking movie about a guy with a Newspaper head is coming soon. Not sure if I'll go see Shinbushi, but at least I have instructions as to how to make my own mask.

I will go see Kiseiju sometime soon. It's the sequel to a movie I saw last year and it is freaky fun!

I'm using a Ted puppet in my lessons these days and it's a fan favourite among the kiddies. The movie is very rude so I hope these waifs haven't seen it. The sequel is on its way...

I'll probably go see these as well. I'm a sucker for Hunger Games and its clones and for Liam Neeson.

Finally I have to wait until Christmas to see the Peanuts movie, which of course is advertised as "I Love Snoopy" because he's the only popular character here.


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