Hey, Bro.

Bromides, that is. Bromides are these postcard sized little "pin-ups" that showcase movies or series. The Sphinx over here, has more details on an old set from the 70s. Part One can be found at that link, more can be found here and just search through his archives to see some updates.

A company called enSky has the recent franchise for producing the Bromides for Shin-Godzilla, as well as jigsaw puzzles, Paper Theater, etc. I first heard about these two weeks ago but had been unable to acquire them. Then yesterday I popped into the cinema in Natori and snagged the last pack of 12 (plus 2).

14 for 6 bucks plus tax. That's about 48 yen per card.

This is what each individually wrapped card looks like.

These are what I got! Woohoo! #1, the poster for the original Gojira.

This is the reverse and includes stats on the kaiju.

Other ones I received are as follows. Use your own Googling expertise to figure out which movie each poster belongs to.

I got the penultimate card as well. Note that the stats on Shin are kept slightly mysterious.

I tried ordering a few more packs through enSky but bulloxed my order form. I'll try again tomorrow and update should I be successful.


ADAMzilla vs. MEGaguirus!

On Saturday, I trekked down to Tokyo via Shinkansen with a few friends from Sendai to partake in the nuptials of our friends, Adam and Meg, I knew it was going to be a good time for I had purchased some Kaiju-Cakes for the trip down.

En route, I discovered that there is an exhibition of Godzilla costumes and props in Yokohama, so I knew what I was going to do on Sunday.

Here is the lovely couple announcing to the crowd their wedding vows.

As per the title of this post, here is its inspiration, Godzilla vs. Megaguirus.

What follows will be pictures of the couple and their guests interspersed with pictures of Godzilla and his pals. This double whammy promises to piss off people who just want to see pictures of the wedding and piss off those who want to see pictures of the great Kaiju.

 Pics of me!

 More pics of me!

I've run out of wedding photos (I even had to scam two from other sources), so from here on in it'll be pics of Godzilla's foes and friends.

The next exhibit focused on Shin-Godzilla.

Oops, that is Adam's brother. Here is Shin-Godzilla.

 A very creepy tail!

Some paintings and posters by various artists.

Finally, some of the goods available. (I'll show the stuff I bought later, it's time for bed.)

The end...


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