Oh, Neat!

A few weeks back, I visited the Oni no Yakata (Demon Museum) in Kitakami and then neglected to show off all the cool photos I snapped. If you do go, I recommend having a car to get you there. There are buses only every few hours  so I decided to take a taxi. How much could it cost? (It cost around 25 bucks!) Cool addendum to this though, the proprietor of the joint gave me a lift back to the train station and not only did he refuse to take any money from me, he reimbursed me 200 yen that was overcharged for the postcards I had purchased.

 This guy greets you as you enter.
 Be sure to click on any of these pics to Oni-size them.

 This gal is so cute...until...

On the wall (mostly masks from Iwate Prefecture).

Some very cool 2 metre tall wall sculptures.

International Demons from Indonesia, Thailand, Tibet, Bhutan, China, Peru, etc.

 Best...Mask...Ever! A Krampus mask from Austria with a writeup about it.

A lovely mural.


This guy is called Chuckles.

Some Oni are males and some are females. Try and guess which is which.

I think this one is a baby.


Oni-kites and crafts.

Hey, Hey, Hey, it's GeGeGe.

I'm declaring it here and now that this is where I wish to hold my wedding ceremony if I can ever convince someone to marry me.


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