Wakanda Fool Am I?

It's breaking all kind of records in North America and on Thursday, we fans in Japan will also get to see what the hype is all about. Fortunately, some goods have come out prematurely so I can show them off to you now.
This is a Double-Clear File with pockets.

A boring old single Clear File.

This one has a nifty insert page within that looks cool but is tough to photograph.

A couple of stickers.

And a set of four note pads. I think I'll give these out to my graduating classes in a few weeks.

When at the Cinema, I had the opportunity to Cosplay as one of the few white characters in the movie.

This is what the backdrop looks like without the chubby guy.

The cinema mag has a little write-up of the movie.

As you can see from the above photo, Momota Kanako of Momoiro Clover Z portrays the voice of one of the leads.

Credit where credit is due department, today's blog title was scammed from this mash-up page.


Mecha Mecca.

Mandai is the place one goes for all things nerdy, geeky, otaku and just plain nifty stuff--A Mecha-Mecca so to speak. Today's venture nabbed me this model kit for Mecha-Godzilla for 3 bucks. I have several other models in the same series and I'm surprised that I've never spoken of them before; that can wait for another day.

Hmm, it doesn't look that complicated.

Ah, the finished product.

Sweet! A giant poster of MG itself.

The cover of the instruction booklet. Another nice pic.

Speaking of Kaiju, I thought I'd get a couple of Kongs for a friend.

These three cards came in a package with a little Tsum Tsum Iron Man phone cleaner.


I don't remember seeing this particular Jack before. Pretty sure it's from a Choco-egg, but which series??

A few straps for presents for my Canuck friends.

A Chewie magnet!

These two Tsum Tsum Boba Fetts were a third of the price.

Yay! All of the above for ten bucks, not a bad haul! (Note: the amount spent does not include the 1000 yen I spent trying to no avail to win a Black Panther figure at UFO Catcher.) I did though win this Antman for less than that.

Happy Cat Day! 2/22 (nya nya-nya is mewing in Japanese and nya is slang for 2.)


Size Matters!

I've been waiting several weeks for the Gojira Kuji to near its end so I could land the coveted "Last One". In this case it's a very cool long cushion that compares 10 different Godzillas from 1954-2016. (The new Animezilla is so large, it requires its own pillow.)

The underside of the pillow is pretty nifty as well, ゴジラ Gojira.

Let's take a closer look at the katakana in question. Oooh! It's font is comprised of all the different Title Logos from over the years. Cool!

Now that I have the Last One, I hope to write about all the Kuji items this weekend!


Q Pockets.

Ah, not Q Pockets, rather Q Poskets. Today, the Wonder Woman Qs were released and I won the first one with a minimum of effort. Alas, it took me much longer (and more cash) to win the second.

These are worth a few shekels on the market right now so I'm not going to open them. I have another of these doe-eyed dolls to show off, a Harley Quinn that I won before Christmas.

The rest of the characters to date have been Disney Princesses (see the link above) and I'm surprised that DC beat Marvel to the punch.
Speaking of DC, I bought a Wacky Wobbler Aquaman on sale.

He fits in well with my other Bobble-heads. These are all very effective early warning systems for earthquakes.

Here's Aquaman in action.

Here are the rest of the gang. I'm very disappointed in my Martian though I'm glad to see the Colonel outperforms them all.

I picked up a couple of other tidbits at Mandai Izumi. That is one tiny spaceship or one enormous ET!

I'd stopped buying NbC stuff long ago, yet I couldn't resist an Oogie Boogie for a buck.

Usually these go for 200-300 yen but they've been knocked down to a buck. Not bad, especially since someone is trying to get almost 70 bucks for one. The average is around 20$

Mary Poppins isn't quite as popular as Rocketeer but I've been waiting for her to drop in price.



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