I was in the mountains of Soma today and en route home, I snapped a few pics of the landscape. I came across several examples of wildlife along the way.

 Hey Alex, does this guy look familiar?

I popped into Movix to see if there was a movie worth watching at a convenient hour (there wasn't) though it gave me a chance to pick up some more Spider-swag. I got a tote-bag, a pouch, a pair of clear files, a towel, a pen, some tissues and a package of face-wipes! Peter Parker never had zits so neither should you!

If anyone gets a line on any other Spidey-goodies, let me know!



As the countdown to Amazing Spider-Man continues, so does Spidey week at MTYW! One of my students told me that the new Happi Setto at McDonald's will be Spider-Man...Woo-Hoo! It appears that you can get either one of four digital wristwatches or one of four kitchenware implements (table-goods) . Furthermore, this weekend, you can get Stickers as freebies and next weekend it'll be Magnets! I've been disappointed in the lack of goodies for this movie. Glad to see Ronald hasn't let me down!

Did I show you this Sunglasses case that I procured when I bought my advanced ticket? Pretty sweet!

I really enjoyed Rhys Ifans' portrayal of the Lizard in the movie and thought the FX were very well done. Alas, his face looked like the Ripley-Spawn from Alien IV but you can't have everything. Click onto that link to hear a funky little tune about him!

More Spidey-swag tomorrow!



The latest issue of "Figure Oh" figured out that figures of Spidey on the cover would figure in big figures in the future. Interspersed throughout this issue are several examples of アメコミ ムービー including Spider-Man, Dark Knight Rises (with lots of new figures of Joker for some odd reason) and The Avengers!

First up, several assorted Spider-Men, Bearbricks, movie pages, bobble-heads, etc.

More from Batman & Avengers tomorrow!


Take a Look!

One of the tastiest and cheapest chocolates in Japan is Look, a package of 16 bite-size flavoured squares costs you between 88 and 120 yen and the variety is immense! (Check that link to see.)

I have to cut down on my choco-consumption so as yummy as the above are, I'll be excising them from my diet. I'll still indulge in the occasional Kit-Kat of Kourse. Here are some of the more recent ones, the Raspberry and Strawberry Cake are among the best I've ever had!

Whoa, big surprise! I went to the conbini to pay a bill and found a new one! Vanilla Ice flavour! (Pretty sure they mean Vanilla Ice Cream and not the rapper.)


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