Postcard To The Edge.

Not much to report tonight. I've been busy preparing postcards with the chance of winning an
オリジナルピンズセット (original pin set) of our favourite Marvel Heroes. The first card took me ages to write up (and I managed to mark my address upside down), subsequent cards were done much more quickly. The deadline is tomorrow so this leads me to believe that these eggs have been in the Conbini for much longer than I thought. This could be why I've been unable to locate them anywhere locally and of the half-dozen stores I hit today in Soma...nada.

I can write this off as Kanji practice!



Earlier this month, a newspaper dedicated to all things Ultra was released and for only 300¥, you get tons of news & pics.

I never did see these guys at Mosburger. Did anyone?

I love this two page spread of most of the bad guys! So cool!

Several more shots of the cast and characters:

I'm Ultra-Brian and so's my wife!

Of course there are the obligatory ads. Here's one for the Dark Knight and another for some Ultra-DVDs. (Batman vs. Ultraman would be an awesome crossover!)

And what you've all been waiting for, the Ultra-Babes!

Speaking of babes, from this Ultra-page  this latest AKB48 tune seems rather incongruous with all the other action happening (Kaiju-attack, horror, gunfights); doesn't their dancing seem out of place?

If you're an AKB-oholic (and who isn't?) check out their webpage with some details on their new album, Gingham check!


The Secret's Out!

I managed to find another 2 boxes of Marvel Eggs (see yesterday) and my quest for the missing "Black Spider-man" has been quenched. I'd opened 13 eggs and got 5 Storms, 4 more Wolverines & a few Iron Man.

#14 was Spider-man! More surprisingly, #15 was the secret figure (I'll keep you in suspense until the end of the post.) Here he is with two of his doppelgangers.

I now have both green & red Hulks so they'll make dandy Christmas ornaments.

A couple more Avengers, Cap looks regal with his little helmet wings and is it just me, or does Iron Man look like he's performing "Stop in the Name of Love"?

Here is a representative of  the FF, The Thing and his erstwhile opponent/ally Silver Surfer. (I never did get the variant for Norrid, so I may just seek it out individually.)

I now have enough Storms to cause a hurricane and almost as many Wolverines. The collation is definitely skewed towards X-men.

My personal favourite of the bunch is Ghost Rider. Crappy movies but cool figure!

Along with each egg is a little description in Japanese plus a summary of their Power Levels. For example, on Ghost Rider, he has a 4 on Beam Attack Strength (huh?), a 4 on Physical Strength, a 5 on Durability, a 2 Fighting/Combat power, a 2 on Intelligence and a 4 on Speed.

Here are the Power Levels for the rest of the gang. Just click on the pic to enlarge it in order to sate your curiosity.

As you can see, our special mystery guest is Venom! I couldn't be more disappointed, though he does look kind of cool.

Now I have the chocolate for about 30 eggs. Does anyone have a fondue kit?


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