Happy Belated Easter!

Last week in all my classes, I donned the bunny ears and sent the kiddies on a merry Egg Hunt.

I stuffed each egg with a message, Grade 5ers got a Kokusai-Cupie, Grade 6ers got a letter from a Zombie, Monster or Skeleton alphabet. They then had to go around the room finding a match for their egg-spawn. A good time was had by all.

As you can see, I have a rather extensive collection of eggs to choose from. The toughest part is remembering where I'd hid them for some kiddies were unable to locate them.

When in Canada, I brought back a couple of egg decorating kits. I gave one away to a friend and the other went unused this year, except for the stickers. Each kid got a bunny!

Speaking of bunnies, reaching back into my archives of Happy Meal toys from 2011, Here's a trio of Hello Kitty Colourful Bunnies: Banana cream, Sherbet, and Raspberry.

Speaking of Hello Kitty, I'd be amiss if I didn't congratulate her on her 40th Anniversary. I'd hate to be a worker at a McDonald's in Singapore, they seem to go Kitty crazy!

These look rather cute, I hope they also come to Japan!


I Tawt I Taw a Tweety Bird.

I needed something for lunch and, lo and behold, I discovered some Tweety Soup at the Drugstore. Suffering Succotash!

I needed some soap and, lo and behold, I discovered some Tweety Body Soap! I tawt I taw a body soap.

I needed to shave and, lo and behold, some Lola Bunny Blades.

No catchphrase for Lola, for she never shuts up.

I have to admit that I started this post several weeks ago and this is the first chance I've had to showcase this Happi Setto. A quartet of Warners' Characters from McD's.

When you lift Bugs' carrot arm to his mouth, a chewing sound ensues.

Wile E. Coyote has had another Acme mishap, this time the anvil plus gravity equals bump on the head.

Sylvester has finally got the best of Tweety!

But alas, it isn't true. Tweety just waddles away (if you wind him up that is.)

I have decided to show off my vast accumulation of Happy Meal toys over the next several weeks. Who will it be tomorrow?

Return Of The BLOG!

Has it really been over a month and a half since my last entry? (Rhetorical question: Yes, it has.)

Chalk it up to writers block, a virus/malware thingie (thank you stupid Winter Olympics) that made it frustrating to type, being busy, a two-week trip to Canada, etc., etc., etc...

Anyhow, I'm back and over the forthcoming weeks, I'll play catchup but for now, here's some pics from a Hanami party in Shiogama.

It started off with me searching for my work-colleagues within the vast expanse of the Shiogama Shrine.

I eventually tracked down my cohorts and chatted with a handful of them including the "other" Rifu teacher and about a dozen guys named Matt. Here I am with former and current coworker, Rumi.

After an hour of chitchat, we moved further downtown, caught the tail-end of a parade and I got gobbled by a dragon.

I ate some meat on a stick, played a few games (and lost), and landed a gig as a train engineer on the Mangattan Liner to Ishinomaki!

Some catching up starting tomorrow...


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