Long Live the King!

Yesterday was what would have been Jack "The King" Kirby's 100th birthday. I'm not alone in wishing him felicitations, if you bounce around the net, you're certain to find some other tributes.
Alas, I only have my handy dandy Kobunsha books from which to scam some pics starting off with
マイティーソー .

The following stories are from issues of The Mighty Thor, issues 158-166. (Click that link for actual covers courtesy of the Grand Comics Database.)

I'm only going to insert the covers, the splash page and random pages. I'm including this dragon because I like it.

Unfortunately, the books convert to Black and White pages from here on in. You can colour them in yourself.


I've included a few of these cool photo-realistic pages because they are cool!

Once again courtesy of Kobunsha, I've scammed some covers and other pages from
キャプテン アメリカ. (Issues 100-109. Just click on the handy "Next issue" button from that link.)

 Icy, I see!

And alas after this it doesn't change to glorious black and white, rather a purplish hue.

I included the above picture of The Trapster because the katakana for his name clearly says "Trap Star"!

Only issue 112 features any Kirby artwork so I'll bypass the rest of collection #2 except for this.

Here are some house ads for other collections. I wish I still had this issue of Thor.

And these are from ファンタスティック フォー.

Happy Birthday to the King! May he reign eternal.


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