Comic Conmen.

One of these days, I would like to go to San Diego's ComicCon (SDCC) just to see those wonderful trailers and pick up a loot bag and a few other goodies (maybe even a comic book or two.)

For those of you unable to click the above link, here are a few of the upcoming awesomeness coming from Marvel. I will accompany them with some cool UFO-caught characters that I recently acquired. (Rocket is my fave though Hulk is pretty adorable as well.)

This isn't in the above link, rather it is a panel with several of the Guardian gang.

This SDCC preview of a new mini-toon featuring Groot and Rocket looks great.

Hulk was one of the original Defenders (the comic) and he is going to RagnaRocknRoll in the new Thor movie.

Here is his pal from that comic, Dr. Strange.

They are nowhere to be found among the recent Netflix trio of DareDevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. (Hopefully, they will become popular enough to warrant their own UFO Catch creations.)

 Spider-Man is going up against Birdman Michael Keaton as the Vulture. I can't wait!

Ironman was the guy who recruited Spidey for the Avengers. Unfortunately, my computer keeps freezing up on me so I can't waste any more time searching out these vids. Click the links above and search yourself!

I do so wish that the last Batman v Superman movie was more kid-friendly so there would have been more merchandise available for me to grab by UFO Catch claws. I encourage you to search for the DC events yourself. I'll leave you with a trailer for Suicide Squad which, alas, we have to wait until September!


To Whom Should One Call?

We have to wait a few more weeks to see it yet I had purchased an advanced ticket of Ghostbusters ages ago. Apparently, much to most people's surprise, the movie is NOT RUINING one's childhood and is getting some good solid reviews from the nerdy bunch. Two reasons: 1. So I could judge it on its own merits and 2. because I got this nifty penlight.

I haven't seen much merchandising yet, though it seems to be trickling in. Such as this Smiling-Fatso popcorn with a mix of caramel and butter/salt.

Or this odd snack (titled, スナック "Snack") which shows a Shocked-Fatso with crab claws shilling Crab-Cream-Croquettes.

A similarly Surprised-Fatso is graces this package of gummies with either Muscat grape or Cola flavours.

Staypuff's head.

A couple of Slimers,

The Ghostbuster-mobile and the Fatso logo.


Unfortunately, this J.S.Burgers restaurant is not in Sendai, otherwise I'd like to try some of their unique fare. Such as this squid-ink black-bunned burger and the ink has the added bonus of turning your poop Slimer-green!

A Slimer-Smoothie!

And a Marshmallow Mad Burger, a diabetics delight!

These four comediennes have been honoured with the job of subbing the voices of the Ghostbusting actresses and if this video is anything to go by, they do a more than adequate job!

I'm looking forward to this movie a lot!



Gojira's visage is beginning to show up on various items around town. I picked up some Hot Chili Ramen snacks and Butamen (Pork-ramen) the other day merely because his face is plastered on the package.

I haven't tried them yet, they do appear to be quite spicy. *

*I took another look at the spicy Ramen and there is an offer for a Poster/ Pamphlet. I'll have to investigate further!

I had the Giant Hot Dog (with honey mustard) at the cinema last week. Tasty and it comes with a postcard-sized calendar for the remainder of 2016. Not a very impressive premium.

I shall forego this expensive whisky. If I ever get an extra hundred bucks and it shows up here, I may grab a bottle.
I noticed this ad for some Cup Ramen (more like Bowl Ramen) this morning and sought it out for lunch today. No luck. I did find it in time for dinner and picked up the three Godzilla oriented ones. (I'll get the Evangelion ones later.)

So if you buy two Bowl Ramens at 171¥ each, you get one of these little Bowls with it.

At first glance I didn't know what they are for and then I inspected them more closely.
Aha! Once one pours the boiling hot water into the Styrofoam cup or bowl, this little doodad is useful for keeping the lid down while the noodles cook.

My guess is confirmed here.

I have picked up this magazine because it features an awesome tote bag with it. But at 1800 yen a pop, I won't be buying any more of them. I'll show off the interior of the mag at a later date.

Note to the book's editor. I can understand attaching the bag to the back of a page within the magazine. Did it have to be glued to a page with an awesome poster of Shin-Godzilla?

Finally, a new Kodansha video collection has come out. It seems similar to d'Agostino for it has the same motif. #1 is relatively cheap at 890¥and future volumes will cost 1000 yen more. I had to get volume one because it has a ton of extras, details later.

Much more Godzilla to follow.


Gojira Omurice.

Those funky farmers in Aomori are at again with their superb rendering of popular characters as rice paddy art. This year they did an awesome job showcasing Shin-Godzilla in time for his new movie.

Previous years of this amazing Rice Paddy Artwork include Star Wars and Marilyn.

A popular dish over here is Omurice. An omelet that covers a plate of rice.  Here is an example of a yummy Rirakuma you can chow down.

An extremely popular character over here is a lazy egg created by Sanrio named Gudetama. His laziness is contagious; here he has influenced several kaiju with his lethargy.

In the article linked above, it mentions that these will be available as merchandise in June. I haven't seen them anywhere. It looks like a trip to the Sanrio shop is in order!


What's at Steak?

One good thing about the forthcoming new Godzilla movie is all the promotions that go along with it. For example, tonight I dined at BigBoy and had a ゴジラ ステーキ.

Two of the banners outside the restaurant.

Our Big Bad Boy proudly displaying the banner.

I'm a little disappointed that my particular restaurant wasn't decked out with lots of Big G paraphernalia.

The steak itself was bloody great!

Whoa, it comes with a free Clear File!
"Gee, Michael, you didn't just pay 30$ for a steak dinner just so you could get a Clear File did you?"
I think we all know the answer to that question.

Could the presence of Ghidorrah on this Clear File be a spoiler for the movie? I certainly hope so.

I love these Anime-ted versions of Bigboy, Godzilla, Ghidorrah, Rei and Asuka.

Oh, there's another Clear File as well? I guess I'll have to pay a visit later this week.

Best of all is an opportunity to win this Jacket! I entered via the Internet, I hope I did so correctly.

This collaboration between Godzilla, BigBoy, and Evangelion isn't the only mashup. For example, I went to the Kaiyodo Figure Museum's travelling display of Evangelion just to see if there were any more goodies for me to purchase.

There were two t-shirts but at 4200¥ each, they are a little beyond my budget.

I didn't view the figures on display for I was under a time constraint and it was 7 bucks. I did snap a couple of photos outside the display.

The display ends soon so if you're a fan, head over to eBeans tomorrow or Monday.

"Michael, did you pay 600¥for a smoothie just so you could get a cheap-ass coaster?"
I think we all know the answer to that question.

I bought a couple of Clear Files to commemorate the above event.

Once again, I meet my nemesis!


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