Avengers Assemble!

I finally got around to Assembling my Avengers and, man oh man, did they ever turn out great. There was a Kuji (lucky draw) campaign several weeks ago for Avengers and of course, I the Collector, had to get them all.

Though it isn't the "A" Prize, I'm going to start with Black Panther because it's my favourite figure.

 The "B" Prize was IronMan*.

"C" is for Captain America.

"D" was T'challa above and "E" is the Visionary Vision.

"F" is the Mighty Thor.

"G" is the Incredible Hulk!

"H" is the lovely Black Widow.

"I" am Hawkeye.

The "A" Prize (and thus the rarest) is IronMan and his butler Jarvis.

AntMan is the extra prize one gets if you manage to get the final Kuji.

One irksome discovery I made is that the Hulk design is identical to a Hulk that came out two years ago. You'd think, they'd at least make a new one. I know Thor also has a doppelgänger, I'm not sure about the others.

The ubiquitous "J" and "K" Prizes are what you usually receive when you spend your 620‘¥. "J" is 4 different hand towels and "K is 6 different tumblers. As you can see I have many tumblers. (Those stacks are 2-3 high).

Anyone want a cup?

I put an * beside IronMan above because I happen to have won 4/6 figures at UFO Catcher back when his third movie was released. Now I really want the IronMonger!

So when are we going to see Scarlet Witch or Falcon figures? Until then I'll have to make do with this t-shirt I just bought.


Sing it!

I saw Sing last night and in English! It is rare for an animated movie to be released in subbed and dubbed versions these days (eg. Moana is Dubbed only), so I'm glad they released this one in both formats. It's a lot of goofy fun and if you like musicals or animation, this should be right up your alley.

This is a sheet of stickers that the theater in Natori gave out weeks ago advertising for the flick. I scammed* enough sheets to be able to give each of my students (about 700!) a sticker of their choice. *I'm only aiding in their promotion!

Of course, I had to grab a clear file. None of the other merchandise was overly appealing.

Today, I saw the first Sing goodies on sale outside of the cinema. I bought this bag of grape gummies today at 7-11.

Lots of Gunter and Buster yet only one or two of the other characters.

In addition to the gummies, you get a mini-fusen (mini-post-it notes). It is very tiny, about the size of two postage stamps and you only get about 10 sheets. There are ten different ones to collect.

Note these are the Japanese vocal acts that are dubbing in for the voices and tunes.
Do you recognize any other than MISIA?

Here is MISIA singing Hallelujah. I may go see it again in Japanese just to hear the Japanese tunes.

I don't know who sings this but it's pretty good!

I must say I was impressed with my namesake Mike.

Whenever the quintet of foxes (I think they are foxes) appeared, I was grinning from ear to ear.

Additional songs featured in the film were "Kira Kira Killer", "Ninja Re Bang Bang, and "Koi Koi Koi" by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, but were excluded from the soundtrack. (taken from Wikipedia.)

Here is Kira Kira Killer by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

It's cool that KPP is sponsoring an Easter Party at Aeon for the next few weeks.

Tomorrow, I go see King Kong! I wonder what goods will be available for it??

Shin City!

I didn't expect to have another Shin-Godzilla post so soon yet when I went to a nearby Tsutaya to pick up a bag given out to commemorate the release of Shin on Blu-ray, I was met with a pleasant surprise.

The bag was only 300 yen and it is just the right size for holding your DVDs when you return them to the Rental place. But out in the lobby amid the Gatcha machines was S-G2! After I completed my purchase, I asked for the change in 100-yen coins so I could start my set. I plunked in my 3 coins and ... Nada! It was empty! Disheartened, I made my way home with just one little detour to Mandai* to see if it was there.

I got a handful of coins and started feeding its gullet. I managed to get three different ones in the first three tries! And then came the doubles and the triples and finally I acquired the fourth one to complete my set! Woohoo! When I got home, I discovered that there are also two variants but I didn't manage to land any.

#1 is exceedingly lame, just a tail sticking out of the water. Sure it was a cool scene in the movie but it does not make for a very exciting figure.

The next one is much better, Godzilla in his larval stage, a form I like to call, "Derpzilla".

#3 is howling Godzilla, baying at the moon. (This is the rare one that took me ages to get.)

Finally, is #4, Shin-Godzilla with his back lit up all ready to spit out an atomic belch.

And whoa, it comes with an extra jaw attachment so you can see him just before he spews!

Apart from the first one, this is a pretty nice set. I don't think I'll try for any of the variants (Clear versions of #s 1 and 4) though if I see them for sale, I may pick them up.

*To round off my night, I did pick up a few other tidbits at Mandai, a little Millennium Godzilla and a weird Ultraman villain. I also bought a bag of Ultraman toys for only 300 yen that I'll open and share another day.

King Kong opens on the 25th, I wonder if it will get its own Gatcha set?


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