Just the Facts, Ma'am.

Since I first saw this advertised several weeks ago, I knew I had to get it. Especially since it is only 299 yen and the first set of Fact Files comes with a binder!

The binder is separated by tabs, I think you can figure out what is covered by each of the tabs.

I didn't properly photograph the title for the above, it refers to "Cosmic". "Real Marvel" below refers to the Creators and Evolution of Marvel Comics.

These are the tab headers. I do like the use of Captain Marvel for Cosmic.

It starts with a full-page spread, highlighting the highlights.

I'm only going to showcase features that fall within the realm of the "Silver Age", from 1961-1986.


Who else but Wolverine should be showcased in X-Men for the first issue of Fact Files?

Some iconic Silver Age Avengers covers.

FF #1 with the first appearance of the FF.

Marvel Knights has our favourite ninjess, Elektra.

Hmm. I wonder why the Infinity Gauntlet was used prominently in the Cosmic section.

One of my favourite Spidey villains, the Lizard.

Steve Ditko, asleep at his desk.

For the next issue comes the inevitable price increase to 680 yen though apparently it includes a present.

Finally, there is an ad for a set of Badges featuring iconic covers. I've only seen them sold at one venue and they are close to 5 bucks, so I haven't picked any up yet.

I'll let you know what happens in the next installment!


Flying Solo.

Here I am flying solo with Solo!

But as you can see there are a few other rogues tagging along.

Here are some cool looking photos from the movie; consider it a sneak preview until it opens here in Japan in two more weeks.

There's been some furor amongst the Japanese fans who consider the logo for Solo to be dorky

What do you think? I rather like it.

I must say I really disappointed with the folks at Furuta. They brought out a new series of Choco-eggs just in time to cash in on Solo-fever.

The problem is that the only thing new about this series is the packaging!! The contents are exactly the same as the previous series and I went and bought a few more. DON'T make the same mistake I did!

Regardless, I can't wait for the movie. I even have my mask ready for it.

The grey hair adds to the effect, doesn't it?


Happy 91st Birthday!

Had my mother not passed away over 6 years ago, she would have turned 91 today. I scammed this picture from her obit and for other pictures, be sure to go to the label at the bottom of this post entitled "mom" or just click that link.

When I was home, I met up with a High School pal with whom I recently reconnected. (Thanks Colin and June!) We reminisced at length and I asked his wife to bring me our Yearbooks. She found Grades 9-12 but not 13, which is too bad for it had all my good pics.

Here are some High School highlights...

No directory of names here so you'll just have to figure out which one I am.

I never did achieve my ambition to "hand in assignments on time".

Although I was strangely absent from the photos, I was in the Chess Club though never on our championship team.

Yay, finally I made it into a Yearbook photo!

I was also in the Cards Club and we would play bridge almost daily for a few hours.

Like my brother before me, I joined the Classics Club where we partook in Toga Parties long before they were popularized in Animal House.

If you squint, you can see me in the Band. Below there's a closeup, can you spot me?

My brother Mark was a member of this Barbershop Quartet Septet.

Here is the album they put out when the renamed themselves, "The New City Singers".

Finally, I have no idea who these people are but I wanted to include the photo because it is so very wrong.

Happy Birthday Mom, thanks for putting up with my hijinks during High School. What with the Band and the Chess, Classics, and Cards Clubs, I was quite the rebel!
Too bad I don't have our Grade 13 Yearbook. I was also a Prefect and played a villain in the melodrama, The Secret of the Spyglass!


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