Dynamic Dynamation!

Today is the birthday of Ray Harryhausen, the master of Dynamation who brought hundreds of creatures to life with stop-action animation. Today, I thought I'd pay tribute by showing off 10 of his figures from 10 of his best movies. I sought these Furuta figures about a decade ago and managed to complete a set. Here are some more details.

In no particular order than the movies I like best, let's start with 3 of his skeletons and Talos from Jason and the Argonauts.

Next up is the Cyclops and Centaur from two of his Sinbad movies.

Ymir from 20 Million Miles to Earth.

It Came from Beneath the Sea featured a giant Octopus, though due to a lack of two tentacles was nicknamed the "Sixtopus".

This handsome creature is the Mooncalf from First Men in the Moon

Finally, we have the robotic Alien from Earth vs. the Flying Saucers with a Flying Saucer in the background.

I love all of the above movies, I fervently wish that Furuta would put out a second series of these. I'd love some of the other creatures that he'd created!
Check out the label, Ray Harryhausen, to witness some other figures I have shown in the past.

Here is a documentary (with Japanese subtitles). It showcases a lot of his best work.

Oh no! I just noticed on the box of these figures that there is a limited edition Secret figure. Damn! Now I have to seek it out as well! I wonder what it was...


It's Kanchou TIme!

One of the oddest experiences that every teacher experiences at some point is the カンチョー (Kanchou). "Kanchou is a game or trick often played in Japan by young school-aged children; it is performed by clasping the hands together so the index fingers are pointing out and attempting to insert them into someone's anal region when the victim is not looking." It hasn't happened to me in a few years mainly because I'm more vigilant than before.

Those fine Gatcha folks at Takaratomy have decided to capitalize on the phenomenon by offering up a half-dozen individuals in a Kanchou-centipedeHere are some details on the set.

I love it that it is referred to as "Tricking"!

As you can see below, I won the Kanchou-bear. The expression on his face is not exactly Pedo-bear, but it's close.

Here's a better angle to teach you how to pose your fingers.

Let's all ride the Kanchou-train!

In other news, in honour of Shark Week, I picked up an advanced ticket for "Lost Vacation" (Better known stateside as "The Shallows".

I received a lovely little coin purse as a bonus!

Let's all Kanchou at the beach!


Eggstra, Eggstra!

Just a quick update to a previous post about Furuta Choco-eggs. My most recent haul includes Captain Hook and Tinkerbell.

In honour of the late Robin Williams, I am so glad I landed the Genie.

Three out of four of the Tsum Tsums, missing only Alice, (and a variant Olaf with eyes open.) I luv the Cruella.

I previously only had Aurora with eyes open but today a friend gave me an open-eyed Sleeping Beauty.

Since there was no Malificent in this series, I have to settle with The Evil Queen from Snow White which I procured at a Second-hand shop.

Rapunzel before and after she dons her wig. What a phony! Pascal the chameleon is pretty cool though.

Now I only need Mickey and Huey, Dewey and Louis to complete this set.

Speaking of Disney characters, my most recent couple that I wed had a Little Mermaid theme. The ring pillow was a pair of shells and there was Ariel paraphernalia abound.

In non-Disney related news, I popped into 109 Cinema and look who started chasing me!

Did I escape intact? Stay tuned, same Godzilla time, same Godzilla station!


Sadako Holds a Grudge.

After much anticipation, (I've been expecting this movie since I saw Juon The Final last year) I was fortunate enough to watch Sadako vs. Kayako yesterday. It was very confusing but ultimately enjoyable. If you like J-Horror, this is one you should go see.

Above is the advance ticket that I bought weeks ago. With it, I scored this mini figure:

Which you can place on the edge of your glass*.

The cast was admirable especially the two female leads who did not succumb to the villainesses. That little boy (Toshio) always freaks me out far more than either Kayako or Sadako!

As usual, the campaign for this movie has been excellent. For example there was a Twitter competition between the two gals, "Who is the scariest?" (Spoiler: Sadako won.)

Sadako's campaign (skip the first 45 seconds)

Kayoko's campaign (also skip the first 44 seconds)

Also there are several commercials, including this one for theatre etiquette.

One for Lady's Day.

Which flavour of popcorn do you prefer?

Also, the fine folks at Kadokawa have released a set of five cup figures. Click that link for photos. Here are the ones I got (with only two doubles. Alas, I didn't get the Golden Toshio!

 And here they are hanging out on a *glass.

I saw it at Aeon In Natori and was not impressed by its selection of goods. So I went to the Movix in Nagamachi which just also happens to be on my way home. That's where I got the above figures and the very last of these face-masks.

Once it dries, I hope it can be made into a mask for Halloween.

Other goods include a crossover with Hello Kitty including a bizarre Clear File.

Speaking of Clear Files, here is a 3D set I bought. One featuring Sadako.

Watch the amazing 3D action!

 The other featuring Kayako.

Other random stuff around the Interwebs include dating Sadako. Click for details yet for those too lazy to do so, here are a few scammed photos.

The two of them also go horseback riding. Wild!

The best bit must be when the gals competed at pitching.

Last night's Strawberry Moon on the first day of summer was the perfect opportunity for Sadako, Kayako and Toshio to pose with the moon. Not all of the pictures turned out very well, but are a tad creepy.

For some better Instagram photos of the gang, check out this.

I wonder if there'll be another entry in this franchise. It was left wide open for one to occur...


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