Untangling Your Pony Tails.

Way back when (December '07), I spoke of the indie group, The Pony Tails being bobbed (breaking up.) Well, they've made a comeback and I witnessed their triumphant return tonight at Enn. As you can see, I bought their latest promo cd/dvd for 500¥ yet unbeknownst to me, the songs upon it are online at that click. You can check out some of their other tunes at their MySpace page. I absolutely adored the song that drummer, Yumie sang and hopefully Akari will send me a copy of it.

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so all I have are grainy phone pics, none of which are worth reproducing here. Thus I have nothing to show you of 夢工場 (the 305/Friends owner's band), the CHICKEN masters, The Black Light Junkys (I heard them before, punky & spunky but their singing is lunky), JUNKIE BUSINESS (whose name is a great play on Monkey Business...with junkies! Akari proclaims that their guitarist is the best in Sendai, I say, "Meh", LONESOME DOVE WOODROWS were playing as I left...they had quite the fanbase, but I'm not sorry I left.

I once again chatted up the Chicken Masters' photographer, めえ, and she wanted me to ignore the bus and stick around. She said, "朝まで" and I misinterpreted the meaning to be "I gotta get up in the morning" but it actually means "until the morning!" Damn, I can be so dense sometimes...

A Bevy Of Beauties.

While Rob hogged most of the action on the dance floor, I managed to snap some photos of some of the comely lasses in attendance (Come to think of it, most of the audience were ladies.) You may see my mug or other pals muscling in on some of those photos, so just ignore them and wallow in the wonderfulness of the women.

For once there were volumes of voluptuous vixens, so all the pics aren't of Michiko. She did manage to make her way into a few snaps though.

A Dancing Fool!

I don't pay enough lip service to buddy Rob, a fellow Edmontonian and fanatic Oilers fan. Since my beloved Leafs have fallen, I'm back on the Oiler-bandwagon and I can think of no better advertisement for that regalled team than to show a drunken goof in an Oilers Jersey busting several moves at Friday's Echophonyk.

Not only can he trip the light fantastic, but he can belt out a tune with the best of them. His forte is loud Guns 'N Roses type tunes, but he can also mellow down with a few of his pals' Monkey Majik tunes which impressed our companions to no end (not working Companions, but singing companions in the true sense of the word.) Not that we were too surprised, but the gals actually stiffed us on the drinks and left without contributing. Friends is pretty cheap, so it didn't set us back a fortune, but it's the principle of the thing. (Maybe they were Companions after all...)

Food Fight!

Hey, in honour of Earth Hour (and Canada's Flick Off, I'm going to keep my blogging to a minimum and offer up a Food Fight:

I don't know what's going on here, but it seems that I've had my YouTubes tied. Or maybe it's just my pc and thus my imagination. Either way, I did offer up a Food Fight but you may have to click that link to access it. (I dunno what I'll do if I'm unable to post YouTubes, it means I'll have to get off my duff and think about what I'm posting!)
Update: Ignore the above paragraph, as you can see my YouTubes have been untied.


Common People.

Though I've heard Shatner croon this tune before, I've never seen this mash-up before. It's glorious. A heads-up to DJ Mokugohan who recommended this (see the comments in the last post.)

I'm feeling rather lazy while waiting for students, so here is his other suggestion for you. When you really want to kick your students in the scrotum:

Oh and by the way, if you're in the neighbourhood tonight, come to
Shaft for this month's Echophonyk. We're welcoming the new ALTs some of whom were shorn there last week.


Dragon My Arse.

I've posted a lot of pics lately of animals found at zoos, but my all time fave is in the news today. I've always loved the
コモドオオトカゲ (Komodo-ootokage, literally Big Lizard = Komodo Dragon) since I first saw the giant lizards on Jonny Quest. (Thanks to an amazing JQ site, I've learned that they were based on the Tobura lizard not the Kodomo Dragon, but the love is still there!)

Check out the first few seconds of this and try to tell me you disagree!

By a happy coincidence, my second favourite lizard is on the tube right now...the GORN!


Just Peachy!

I received several emails from my pals who kept me abreast of the World Baseball Classic match between reigning Olympic Champs Korea and reigning WBC champs Nippon while I was stuck teaching younguns & olduns. The older students appreciated the updates, the younger kids...not so much (then again, they were only 4 years old!) But after Korea caught up 3-3 in the bottom of the ninth, I began to worry. But thanks to a double by Ichiro (still my favourite ballplayer), and a 5-3 win, We are the Champions, my friend. I even got another file folder to add to my collection (still need Dice-K & Akinori) but I fear that an end to the give-away is near and I'll be unable to complete my quest.

Even better news than the win, is a personal score of a package of new KitKats, Double Peach Minis. This is an older issue that I had overlooked upon its initial run but was on sale at the Don Quixote Supermarket. I got 4 白桃 (White Peach) & 4 黄桃 (Yellow Peach) for under 200¥. The white is tangier and the yellow is more reminiscent of cantaloupe than peach. Both are yummy but aren't really Classic Winners.


It's Only Logical.

Zoological, that is. I had to drag my sorry ass to the (八木山動物公園
Yagiyama Zoo) yesterday as part of a quarterly contractual obligation to waste a Sunday with my students. The last 3 that I've been involved in have been fun and this was no exception. Once we got going, I broke into Tour Guide mode, rambling about the animals, spouting miniscule trivia and bad jokes. I was in the zone! After we hit the Reptile House, it began to rain and that put a damper on the spirits of the kiddies and we broke for lunch. I continued on solo while the others ate and checked out the rest of Dolittle's darlings. This zoo may not be as large as the tiniest zoo in Canada but it was fairly spacious, at least they weren't cooped up in cages the entire time.

I'll start off with a panorama of Sendai and then just show you a gaggle of Canada geese, a parade of elephants (Indian & African), a den of snakes, a bale of turtles, etc and end with several simians.

But what was the creature that I liked the best, you might ask?
Why Godzilla of course!


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