My Birth Comics.

One of the pages I follow is the "Marvel Comics Group: 1961-1986" which was the Silver Age for Marvel and the years I remember most fondly. One of the moderators suggested showing the comics that came out on your birth-month.  Therefore utilizing the Mike's Amazing World website, I plugged in December 1958. Alas, Marvel was not yet in existence, so I had to make do with a handful of titles from its predecessor, Atlas Comics.

First up is Strange Tales, a comic that featured horror/sf/mystery/suspense tales. Once the Fantastic Four was created, The Human Torch got a feature, as well as a certain mystic, Dr. Strange.

Strange Worlds was an SF Anthology comic that only lasted 5 issues.

I read several issues of the Two-Gun Kid and in the 60s he wore a mask and had black hair. He even showed up in The Avengers and was befriended by Hawkeye. This blond dude is completely unknown to me though according to Wikipedia, his name is Clay Harder.

I've never read Wyatt Earp though I have seen a few movies based on the lawman.

I don't know anything about this book. I was never much for war stories anyway.

I never knew Patsy Walker has been around so long. I do know that she later became the super-heroine known as Hellcat.

I can't say I know anything about Hedy, not even her surname.

Finally another SF Anthology comic called World of Fantasy. It does have a cool cover by Jack Kirby.

Maybe I'll do this again for DC. I do know there were a lot of wacky covers back then!


Follow Ups.

On Saturday, I attended the premiere of the Marvel: Age of Heroes Exhibition but didn't have time to complete my shopping at the first floor store. I corrected that yesterday and landed a couple of cool postcards.

The above is one of my all-time favourite covers and though it was available in poster-size, I opted for a postcard.

I also scored a postcard and a Clear File of Gurihara's Avengers.

Speaking of Clear Files, I bought an early appearance of Rocket Raccoon.

And one of this iconic Spider-Man cover. I like how they aged it to give it the feel of being almost 50 years old.

This is a reproduction of the Exhibition's poster. Can you name them all?

I decided to nab a Thanos and Ant-Man while I was there, just in case they sell out.

Finally, I splurged and bought a pair of boxers. The large-size is a tad snug but still manages to keep everything in its place.

Last Friday, I caught the premiere of Jurassic World and bought another Clear File, a lovely T-Rex.

 This is the reverse.

There was a Kuji Draw for Dino items but the A-Prize had already been snagged. I landed a C-Prize.

A cool little plate. Unfortunately, at 800 yen a pop, it's not worth trying for more.

Over the last few weeks, I've gathered up a few of these free sticker sheets from the cinema. My students will appreciate my efforts.


Speaking of stickers, Incredible Family has a sheet. Once again, Japan has to wait a few months to see this movie! I hope they show it in English in Sendai!


I hope to go to the Science Museum shortly to check this out:

This follow up is to a Solo post of a few weeks back. Much to no one's surprise, I bought a few Clear Files (one can never have too many of these).

These TsumTsums were half-price! I couldn't resist.

I didn't want to try for them all, yet I must say, I'm not disappointed with my acquisition.

I bought the only five Mystery Minis and though I didn't get the rare Han, I have to admit that I got a nice mix.

That's it for now...



I went to the MARVEL Age of Heroes exhibit yesterday and was swung back to my childhood with memories of the comics I once had or wished that I did.

Unfortunately, photos are a no-no so I couldn't capture the key issues that were on display, you'll just have to go see for yourself. It starts off with a video introduction by none other than Stan Lee himself and then showcases Marvel's history, its Cosmic heroes, its Global heroes and its Local heroes. Each section has several origin or #1 issues on display as well as storyboard art of splash pages by the original artists. Furthermore, there are busts and figures and models and mannequins and costumes of their most famous heroes and villains.

I scammed these two photos from the website (link above).

A few photos are permitted, such as...

You don't even need to pay admission to see the Hulk. He's on display in the lobby.


REVISION: I returned to the exhibition so I could act as a tour guide for a friend. I didn't snap this picture before.

The second floor features images and info on Cinematic Marvel

You have to look closely at this statue to notice the tiny Wasp near his shoulder.

I almost nabbed the Wasp for myself.

This is also in the lobby on the way out. A nice way to end the show.

I wandered through the 2nd floor gift shop and they took so long trying to confirm my credit card that I missed out on shopping on the 2st floor. Darn, there was so much more cool stuff down there!

There are also several pieces of artwork for sale but they're a tad out of my price range.

There are a ton of Funkos available though there are NO exclusives nor are there any bargains to be had here.

I may go back soon to see if their supplies have diminished. I may pick up an Ant-Man to go along with my Giant-Man.

These Gurihiru figures were new to me. I managed to get the series of Gatcha figures but at 1404 yen each, I wasn't about to try and get them all.

REVISION: I got Black Widow!

Although Black Widow and Hawkeye are new. I may have to try for them after all.

These buttons are pricey as well, they feature a classic comic cover and a little badger badge as well I got Rocket, I'm not disappointed.

Finally I tried my luck at grabbing one of the rarer Mystery Minis but unfortunately I go two helmeted Hulks!

They tossed a freebie in my bag and I was hoping for something unique and awesome. Unfortunately, all it is was a copy of the latest Hot Toys and Funko catalogs. More stuff that I can't afford and have no room for anyway.

When you do go (and I highly recommend you do), be sure to keep the ticket given to you on the second floor. They stamp it and if you go to the Marvel Pop Up store that will be opening in S-Pal on July 26th for a few weeks, they'll stamp it as well and you should be able to get a prize of some kind.


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