Suzie Sushi.

I was at an elaborate dinner last night (Tohoku Electric Friends of Canada latest shindig) and although delicious, the menu* didn't include this.

That is just one tender piece of sushi, ウニの軍艦 (Uni or Sea Urchin) wrapped around 妄想おねえさん. She looks delicious.

You can buy your own set of Mousou-oneesan here. I suspect that I found an old Gacha Capsule machine for there is now a new series of Japanese delicacies available.

Or perhaps fast food is more to your liking.

If you aren't into cannibalistic sushi, perhaps you'd prefer something more feline.

Some people don't like sushi (weirdos) and consume vegetable-parrots instead.

 Or Banana-birds.

Speaking of bananas, once you've eaten them, did you know that they turn into ghosts?!?

By the way, for those who enjoy pictures of real food, here are some pictures from the *menu mentioned at the top of the page.

All the dishes contained Canadian produce. Pork with a honey-mustard dressing.

My favourite was a salmon chowder.

Cod and shrimp in a green sauce (I lost my menu so I can't remember specifics.)

Yuzu sherbet. Sour and yummy.

Chicken and what appears to be asparagus but is some kind of cress.

And for dessert, some phlegmy flanny thing.

Afterwards, I also received some cool chocolates from a friend for Valentines. Russian Skulls!

Flavours include Plane (sic), Raspberry, Orange, Earl Grey, and Danger. Danger was very spicy hot!

Bon appetit!


Japan: Reborn!

The longest running movie franchise ever belongs to none other than Doraemon. The most recent entry, #36, is Doraemon: Nobita and the Birth of Japan. It has something to do with the character Nobita and the Birth of Japan (duh.) Recently Sunkus has a Doraemon campaign going on and one can pick up a nifty little stamp featuring Doraemon in different poses with the purchase of two drinks. Unfortunately, they are selling out quickly, I had to go to three different conbini in order to get my set.

You'll need to go see the movie in order to see exactly what is going on here, or you can just click the link above or watch this:


There are also food items to select from such as the burger-filled onigiri above or the Blue Float drink below.

There are some cool mythological creatures in this one including a Flying Horse name Pega, a Griffin named Guri and a Dragon named Draco. I was unable to copy them, so you'll have to click the link above or take my word for it.

One of these days, I'm going to have to watch one of these movies. They do look kind of cool!


Godzilla, Salaryman.

I was in Morioka over the weekend and made a startling discovery. In addition to destroying cities, Godzilla has another job. He's an apartment-hunter for those very same individuals that he has made homeless! See for yourself.

First, he gets a new lead,

He locates the new spot
 And gets the place ready for the client.

Need further proof? Like a typical Japanese Salaryman, he's too busy to spend time with his family and misses out on important events in his son's life.

Ah well. He has a new movie coming out in July. Maybe that will get him out of his rut.

While I was in Morioka, I popped into the local Geek Outlet, Yorozuya, to sample their wares. (Check out Spidey in the top left corner.)

Most of the Star Wars stuff was out of my price range.

But I did manage to pick up a couple of mini-Kaiju figures.

These are all an inch or two tall and were only a buck a pop.
This guy with the club was more expensive but I have no idea what series it is from. Any ideas from the masses?

I'll keep you posted if I get any more information on how Godzilla is doing at his new job.


Huuguughghg raaaaaahhgh aaaaahnr.

Courtesy of the Wookie translator*, this is Happy Valentine's Day in Wookiese. This adorable creature is what I won today at UFO Catcher (in only two tries!!)
*Note: the translator doesn't really work. If you type in the same phrase twice, you get two different examples of random Wookie-speak.

(This photo was part of the display.)

By the way, you can make your own Force Awakens Valentines if you wish. Here are a couple of Wookie examples:

I also finally won one of these. Alas, it took far more than two tries.

Speaking of Star Wars and Valentines, here are several chocolates that were for sale a few weeks ago. Much to my surprise, they were all sold out a few days when I checked back.

They were all pretty pricey so I only bought a few to give to my gal pal who shares a birthday with St. Valentine's demise day.

Neither did I buy any of the Ultraman nor Kamen Rider chocos, though they are pretty cool!

 I did buy a T-Rex and a Protoceratops though.

Thanks to the geniuses at Jurassic Chocolate, you can eat a Dino-choco! (Click that link to order your own.)

I didn't see this but I wish I had. I definitely would have purchased one. I doubt whether I'd have given it away!

May your Valentine's Day be as wonderful as this guy's.
(Click the link below to see what I mean.)


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