Proud to be a Geek!

As everyone should know, today is Geek Pride Day, a day to honour geekdom, especially fans of Star Wars (40th anniversary as of today!!) and Douglas Adams via Towel Day
Thanks to a recent Capsule Claw machine capture in which I landed a capsule and inside is a ticket for a prize. Though I got one of the lesser prizes, this prize in my opinion is #1! 

Though this doesn't really count as a Towel, I think it meets some parameters of Towel Day for it is in fact a 6-foot long Sleeping Bag featuring Han encased in Carbonite!

This large bath towel does meet all the Towel Day requirements and doubles as a Star Wars Day entry as well.

Other Star Warsian items that I'll feature here are several Ichiban Kuji prizes that I won ages ago. The photos taken of Letters I, H and G are a little fuzzy but I've put them away and I don't want to dig them out again.

Two different Stormtroopers and three vehicles. (I need to learn to count again. There are three vehicles pictured on the box, yet I only got two!)

A fuzzy R2-D2 and a shackled Leia. Oh dang, I seem to be missing E which is Chewbacca. I'll have to keep an eye out for it.

 C-3PO and Luke posing.

A and B are both way out of my price range, though if I ever see them on sale, I may snag them.

The J prizes are these rubber straps. I have a few of them, once I get a few more, I'll show them off.

Finally to show off my true geekdom, I picked up a pair of boxers. I should really wear them on the outside of my trousers, just to exhibit them.

How did you celebrate your Geek Pride Day? Let me know in the comments if you carried around a towel or did anything Star Warsish!


To Live and Let Die!

Sad to report that Sir Roger Moore has passed away at the age of 89. What follows are a bunch of Japanese poster images I've scammed from the net as well as a handful of ads that he did in Japan. Here he is in To Live and Let Die.

On a lark, is Sir Roger promoting Lark cigarettes.

A few posters For Your Eyes Only.

Toyota Corona, 1982 ad #1


Toyota Corona, 1982 ad #2


Toyota Corona, 1982 ad #3

Unfortunately, I can't find any more commercial clips, so here are the rest of his Bond movies.
(Note these are not in any particular order.)

A View to a Kill.

The Man with the Golden Gun.

The Spy Who Loved Me.

I may have one or two Bond movie pamphlets though I suspect I only have Connery ones. Sorry Sir Roger! Regardless, rest in peace!

UPDATE! One of my commenters has reminded me of the time Roger Moore joined the Muppets for a song and some mayhem. Check it out!


My First Atom!

Several weeks ago I bought part one of an assemble-your-own-Atom kit for a mere 830 yen (plus tax). Not a bad deal because it includes a DVD and a little case.

This is what the box cover looks like. Note it's by NTT/Docomo so it must be legit (unlike those deAgostino scams!)ag

There's a large (4 x A4) fold-out poster of the blueprint and assembly directions.

The magazine itself is not that enlightening. Mostly several articles about his birthday though it does have the following photo with a fully assembled model with Tezuka Osamu's son, 手塚 眞 Tezuka Makoto who is partially responsible for running his dad's production company.

Here is the first piece of Atomu that I received, his face plate!

On the positive side, I landed a DVD that includes his premiere episodes from the 1963,1980 and 2003 series.

Here's the face plate. It's actually kind of cute. I added the little black strips at the bottom of his eyes.

This little case will be good for organizing pins or nuts/bolts or meds.

A sneak preview of part 2. Oh cool, you get his heart.
Wait a sec...1843 yen before tax!! Doh, duped again!

I snapped this shot of part three of some of his guts from the bookstore.

Not really all that impressive.


Galactic Guardians!

I finally had a chance to see the Remix on Sunday and it was wonderful. Apart from myself and my friend, you wouldn't know it though, for nary a peep could be heard from the two dozen people in the theatre. I laughed, I coughed (stupid bronchitis) when laughing, and I shed a few tears as well. Let's just say that if there were ever a time for an actor portraying a comic book character to win an Oscar, that time is now for Michael Rooker!

So of course, I had to buy me some clear files! A 3D one:

A four-sleeve one:

And a punkish one:

A sticker.

And one of those little plastic sheets kids put under they note paper for ease of writing upon it. 下敷き (shita jiki) we don't seem to have a word for it in English, "Under-board" perhaps? In 3D as well!

When you rotate the sheet, you get either sweet or angry versions of Rocket and Groot.

There was other cool merchandise but a little out of my price range. If anyone wants to buy me a present some time...

It's nice going to the cinema with a friend for a change. This way, they can take silly pictures of me interacting with the actors.

And my favourite for the upcoming Ghibli-esque movie, Mary and the Witch's Flower. I really could not get the hang of broomstick gliding.


Yvonne, on the other hand took to flight with no problem!

Next weekend, The Arrival finally arrives in Japan under its Japanese title, Message!


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