I'm not a fan of having a Kids Halloween Party the day after my adultish party because (a) I can't drink too much, (b) I can't stay out too late, and (c) I don't want to appear too sluggish throughout the event. Fortunately the bar didn't have Guinness and only crappy draught beer so (a) wasn't a problem, I had a nasty wardrobe malfunction a little after 1:00 so (b) wasn't a problem, and the kids and other staff were so Genki that (c) made the time go quickly.

Our fearless leader portrayed Momo-Hime or Princess Peach. I'm not overly familiar with the character so I had to Google her.

The resemblance is uncanny!

My outfit was an act of pure laziness; I found a Superman apron that I'd never even opened from the package. I remember buying this in Canada decades ago. Too bad, I did use the Super-Oven-mitt that came with it so I didn't have it available. Add a cheap paper mask that I found in a toy store and I became "Retired Superman".

By coincidence (if you know this guy, it isn't actually a coincidence), Batman showed up to the party as well. Not quite as lazy as I, he wore Bat-pjs, Bat-Bathrobe (Bat-hrobe?), Bat-socks, and Bat-slippers along with a Bat-mask similar to mine. There was a wee 7-year-old there who made a perfect Wonder Woman, thus we had half a Justice League there.

World's Finest heroes.

Three nuns showed up. Here are two of them.

Sully went the extra mile and had a contaminated sock attached to her.

Not sure of his ranking but this SWAT member was there to help keep the 80 kids under control.

Sheesh, dude. Go eat something, you're wasting away!

It's a bunch of grapes. No wonder he wined all day.

An adorable generic witch and Kiki!

Best outfit ever is this authentic Japanese Gravestone including some 菊 (kiku or chrysanthemums) for adornment.

Part of my responsibility was the creation of a Haunted Maze. I contributed about a dozen spooky masks though this was by far the spookiest!

Throughout the event, I donned different masks. Here we see Super-Pachyderm.

There also several dozen kids and their parents too though I didn't take any photos of them.

Several of the above party-goers also attended a Shoot-em-up gala (Shooting Bar Heavens) last weekend as well. I still have a scar from one hit on my hand.

No getting drunk or shooting zombies. Aww, too bad.

These were two of a group of young lads who really got into the game.

My protective head gear.

A look at the acquisition of Trump...

Finally, a couple of delicious-looking cookies I just consumed.

Spoiler alert: they weren't delicious.


Last night was our annual shindig at Ernie's Bar. At times it wasn't hip, more like hip replacement. I grabbed a quick drink at Dragon's Diner beforehand and had these pics of my costume taken.

As should be quite obvious, I'm a drift net (流し網 nagashiami), hooking all manner of sea life in my thrall. (Note most of the sea creatures appear to be the same size. They are not to scale.)

Before I get to the lowdown on the party, here are a couple of shots of passersby that I passed by on the way there.

These two were hucksters for an establishment of questionable legitimacy.

There were a few other Minions but they were too fast for me.

These three mashed up various Disneyverse characters.

Ha! I found Wally or Waldo or Wilbo (or whatever he's called over here.)

Now onto Ernie's Event. The best part of the gig is the inimitable DJ Mokugohan, this time dressed as some hipster Road Warrior type.

This is one of his tunes plus a typical conversation between us.

Closeup on my earrings.

Could this be the same Spider-man from an earlier photo?
Spoiler Alert: Yes.

ふなっしー Funasshī, the mascot of Funabashi City.

A sneak peek behind the scenes at the making of a mascot.

My annual jibe. While Alex goes pee, the DJ is me!

This was a birthday girl. Fortunately I always have an emergency present available.

The following pictures are scammed from recent prison escapee, Ernie. Thanks for a great party!

Not a bad catch...

Unfortunately the hour was growing late, I had an early morning looming, and I suffered from an extreme wardrobe malfunction (my belt had broken and the lower part of my drift net was dragging my jeans towards Davey Jones' Locker. I spent the next few minutes holding my pants up and after my cab ride, my trousers fell around my ankles while I tried opening the door.

After an all day Kids party today and a long nap upon returning home, fatigue has taken its toll and it's time for me to retire. Details on that party tomorrow plus a return to the Pamphlets...


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