Golden Boy.

I'm not sure why the Japanese title of Apt Pupil is Golden Boy, can anyone help me out here? Anyway, this was a very creepy movie adaptation of the Stephen King novella and it was my introduction to Bryan Singer and Ian McKellen.

This scene with the cat freaked me out in both the book and movie.

Today's breakfast was courtesy of Family Mart.

A doughnut of some sort and an ome-rice ball.

I heard tell of a new Spidey-Gacha and sure enough I found it.

I landed these four in my first four tries.

Alas, it took me many many more tries to get the last one. Very cool little figures, each about an inch long.

I went to a Toy exhibit at a local museum today but don't have time to show off the goods tonight.
'Til tomorrow!


Scanners Down.

My scanner hasn't worked in a long time and I've been using my phone to create pictures for this bloggy thing of mine. Fortunately, I was introduced to Office Lens so it makes my job so much easier.  For example, check out this cover to スキャナーズ (Scanners) !

And the back cover via the Negative Zone.

It was the first David Cronenberg movie I'd ever seen and made me track down his earlier indie flicks. Nice to see so many Canadian faces in his movies.

Lots of stills...

I'm surprised they didn't use the colour version of Canadian Louis Del Grande's head blowing up. If you hunt around the net, I'm sure you can find it. (Or you can just scroll down at this link.) When I first saw this movie in the cinema, I was astounded (and a little bit pleased) to see him blown up. I thought I was Seeing Things!*

The ever wonderful, Canadian Michael Ironside!

And the rest of the cast.

What a funky movie! (Can't say the same for the sequels...)

*Canadian bonus material: Louis Del Grande in an episode of Seeing Things with many a Canuck starring within.

Today's meal consisted of salad and fish. Sheesh, slap a pumpkin on its package and I'll buy anything.

I'll finish it off with an Oni head won from a Gacha machine the other day.

More tomorrow as the Countdown to Halloween continues.


Finding McCay's Nemo.

Yesterday was the 112th anniversary of the strip, Little Nemo in Slumberland. When the movie came out, I loved it and gave a VHS copy to my niece when she was 5 or so. She watched it often and I watched it with her when I visited.

What I did not know is that it was a Japanese/American co-production. Ray Bradbury created the concept for screen, Brian Froud was among the design developers, Jean "Moebious" (sic.) Giraud was the Conceptual Designer and that both Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata of Ghibli fame were once involved in the project. The Japanese side of things went to TMS Entertainment's and here is their version of Little Nemo.

If you can read Japanese, here is a synopsis:

The pamphlet includes a write up on creator Winsor Zeric McCay (actually Zenas Winsor McCay but I can forgive the translator) and a copy of one of the strips

There's an interview with co-director, William Hurtz.

Here's the rest of the cast and staff:

By a wacky coincidence, this is what the tea I bought was called.

In order to add a little Halloween to this post, I learned of a Youkai called a Suima today. My friend's student explained to him that when she is trying hard to concentrate, she is sometimes accosted by the Sleep Monster and begins to doze off. (If I ever get into a fender bender on my way home from work due to drowsiness, I'm going to use the Suima excuse.)

I looked it up in the dictionary and it bears a resemblance to a Kelpie, a water demon which brings floods.

Here's a ukiyoe rendition of a 水魔 / Suima, 1932 by Sayume Tachibana.

Kohada Koheiji, 1831-1832 by Hokusai Katsushika. He's a cutie but I don't think he's a Suima.

How about these two? Not very frightening, I'm afraid.

I guess I'll have to do some more research in order to find a true Suima!

Sweet Dreams!


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