Do you remember Weebles? Those egg-shaped characters that couldn't fall down? Japan has recently released their own version called Coo'nuts. It's a potentially poorly named brand if you're a tad racist, otherwise the name comes from its Peanut shape and its roly-poly nature, kuru-kuru.

I first got a Disney-Girls one on sale and landed Tinkerbell.

A few days, later I took a trip to Fukushima and discovered Marvel Coo'nuts. I bought as many as I could at that convenience store and went to several other Conbini as well that day. But alas, I couldn't complete my set. It wasn't until a few weeks later that I found them at a Supermarket and managed to score my missing Gamora and Thanos.

They're so wobbly, it's difficult to take a proper photo, so I scammed one from the website.

Click the link above for a few more pics.

For your amusement, I made a little video of my 'Nuts in action.

When I first learned of the term Kuru-Kuru, it reminded me of a famous Canadian tune:

There are several other brands of Coo'Nuts, such as Peanuts (natch), Doraemon, Pokemon and Minions. Check 'em out!

I'd forgotten that I'd purchased this a few weeks ago and just opened it now. I am NOT disappointed in scoring Marcie.


It's In The Cards.

Happy 90th Anniversary of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. May your heart be riddled with bullets!

In a slightly less gruesome sentiment, I hope everyone else is enjoying the day. I spent the evening alone watching Lucifer and Gotham, yet I'm not at all disappointed by that. I also pigged out on some of the chocolates given to me by the female teachers at one of my schools today. I tried to only eat one, but was unsuccessful in doing so.

Below was a homemade choco given to all from one of the older gals at work.

This wonderfully origami-wrapped treat was provided to me from my favourite school.

Imagine my disappointment at the contents.

I saw Aquaman again last night with a friend and she gave me a triple treat of tartlettes. I had them for breakfast.

On Monday, our school lunch included a heart-shaped meat patty. Aww.

These treats may not have been Valentine-oriented yet simply omiyage (souvenirs). Yummy though.

I have spent Valentine's for the last week by providing my students with Valentine Cards to give out to their school pals. 90% of the kids chose Marvel cards, DC just didn't catch their fancy.

I picked these up last year on sale.

Most of the kids (99% of the girls and 80% of the boys) enjoyed filling out the cards and giving them to their friends. And they each gave a card to their teacher as well. I can't find the other two (Avengers and Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman right now), this Super Hero Girls was the least popular card. (NOTE: I have over 1000 students, so they all had photocopies of the above cards, I can't afford to give them all away!)

About two dozen kids gave me a card. Only two gals personalized them.

This box of cards had fallen out of the bag and slipped under my car seat. I didn't notice them until today. I suspect they would have been even more popular.

I think I'll give out these stickers next week.

All in all, it was a fun week.


Coypu Copes.

Over the last several years, I've added a new tongue twister in honour of Groundhog's Day and the query, "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?" Some past rodential queries can be found here. There is a Chilean beaver-like rat called the Coypu (Also known as a Nutria) and she is the focus of today's twister.

"How many cops could a coypu copy if a coypu could copy cops?"
(Admittedly, not very good, but let's see you do better.)

Here is what a Coypu looks like.

Oops, that is the Kemono Friends version. Here's a real one.

There is no clear prognostication as to an early Spring or not though it appears that Wiarton Willie has predicted an early one. Woohoo! (Click that link for a video and a summary of famous Groundhog Gurus.)

Speaking of Kemono Friends, the nearest pal they have to a Groundhog is probably a Prairie Dog.

I can see the resemblance.

Yesterday, I encountered several other Kemono Friends at the Umino-Mori Aquarium. Such as these Penguins.

And a Commerson's Dolphin.

Though my favourite by far has to be the Caiman.

Disappointingly, there were no goodies to celebrate the collaboration between the Aquarium and the Friends except for a badge. Ah well.

For the first time, I had a chance to witness the Dolphin and Sea Lion show. Much to my surprise, it was very entertaining!

The Sea Lions (Andy-kun and Asuka-chan) put on a fun show, ably assisted by a genki gal.

Then a quartet of dolphins joined in the act.

It was warmer than usual today but I suspect that their assistant was still pretty cold.

Here is a sampling of pictures of other creatures. (ps. If you notice that the photographs are of a superior quality to my usual fare, that's because I'd forgotten my phone and scammed all the pics from my friend, Dan.)

The scariest creature of them all!

I didn't buy a Kemono badge, yet I didn't leave empty handed. I had the opportunity to win a big dolphin but didn't and had to settle for a tinier one.

I wanted a Spider Crab so I tried my hand at a Gatcha.

This Indo-Pacific Finless Porpoise is a recent addition to the Aquarium. He swims with the sharks and sardines and had managed to separate one of them from its swirling shoal. He spent the next few minutes pursuing it and much to the joy and fear of the crowd, successfully grabbed and gobbled up the fishy. I'm fairly certain, he did it on porpoise.

Perhaps tomorrow for dinner, I'll eat some of these pasta pisces pieces.

I usually throw in some Setsubun festivities but this year, I don't have many oni to show.

That's about it. So Happy Groundhog's Day and Setsubun to one and all!


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