A Daruma Drama.

I just came back from a crazy collaborative movie between Takashi Miike and Sota Fukushi called 
神さまの言うとおり translated from the manga, "As the Gods Will" or "As Gods Say",  (the wiki page is Kami-sama no Iu Toori but it doesn't have much info so go to the official website at Daruma-san). 

I thought it would be a happy-go-lucky movie about a killer Daruma but it is so much more than that! You can see some stills from the movie and a trailer here or just watch this.

Just looking around the apartment, I could film much of this movie myself. I happen to have a Daruma on my windowsill, yet I'm still awaiting for my wish to come true. In the movie, he plays a rather gruesome version of Red Light - Green Light!

For a slightly naughty yet SFW version of this game, see this. It is NOT just about jiggly bikini gals, stick through to the end.

It also has a Maneki-Neko that I use to hang my keys upon, though in the movie, it's a little more menacing when it gobbles up mice.

 There's a Ring-around-the-Rosie type guessing game with some lobotomizing Kokeshi.

And a nasty game of Truth or Dare with a Shiro-Kuma (Polar bear). Hmm, that bear doesn't look very white...

Finally there's a Hide and Seek/Kick the Can game featuring some Russian Nesting Dolls. I don't happen to have any from Russia though I do have Godzilla and friends.

This movie was a lot of fun even if I didn't understand about half of it, and the ending is very perplexing, probably a set up for a sequel.


Which Witch Is Which?

From the archives, mainly some drawings of Halloween by my grade 5s that I hadn't shown before. I had them in a drawer with the intention of marking them and discovered them unmarked on Friday. Yay.
First up, lots of witches and their familiars.

That last one is my favouritest picture ever!

As you can imagine, those were done by the gals in the class, this is what the boys came up with.

 As you may have surmised, the kid who drew the above wanted to dress as a zombie for Trick or Treating.
This last one is incredibly creepy. I love it!

In other news, on my way to night of pubbing with Alex, I found a box full of mannequin parts on the curb ready to be picked up by the garbage collectors. Well, I collected an arm for myself.

We were getting along fine...
 But I guess I got a little too fresh...
 All was forgiven.
 Note she was missing a baby finger, my conclusion is that her pinky was removed as part of a Yakuza initiation. The proprietor at BBs, where we drank our absinthe, made the same remark.
After I had my fun with her, I discarded her in a bush. Not sure why I didn't keep her, but she was becoming a real handful.


Creepy Kaiju Cosplay.

The nice thing about Cosplay is that it is a year-round affair and not just relegated to fancy dress at Halloween. (Or in other words, this is a left-over post from Countdown to Halloween that I never got around to.)

Here Godzilla is cosplaying as his American counterpart, Zilla.

Gloomy (the Naughty Grizzly) likes to dress up too. This time as his favourite kaiju, Godzilla.

And as his favourite Kaiju bad guy, King Ghiddorah.

The battle wages between King Gloomdorah and Gloomzilla!

I'm not sure who Gloomy is trying to portray here, perhaps a two-eyed Cyclops?

And finally Ghastly Gloomy the Ghost!

You may want to turn the volume down on this and skip to the 22 second mark if you'd like to see some Gloomy fashion on the walkway.

A colleague took a few more pictures of me in my Gamera guise.

Send me your Kaiju Cosplay costume pics!


Avengers Disassemble!

A pal 'o mine recently made a tour of Malaysia and Thailand and brought me back one of the best presents ever, a bootleg set of Avengers!

Tell me if anything seems out of place.

Yeah, that's right. Since when is Spider-Man a member of the Avengers? (Movie, that is.) What, they couldn't get Ironman even though he shows up on the blurb on the front!

And on the side!!
And on the back of the box, along with a big headed version of Black Widow and Hawkeye AND a clumsily photoshopped Wolverine!!!
And whoa, just look at the size of Nick Fury's upper torso which is as big as the Hulk.
I also love the blurb on the back of the box explaining who our heroes are.

Captain America in frozen a few years later, wake up. The world is not what he used to familiar appearance, various types of evil opponent to emerge in an endless stream, the whole society turbulent, only rely on the strength of a person is unable to save the world. So the United States of America Captain, Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk and other super heroes together, composition of the history of the most powerful" Avengers" Team, the common good and evil, fighting for peace.

That is some pretty awesome Chinglish or Thailish right there.

Since the box tells me to do so, let's check out our newest member, Spidey.

 Wow, that is some messed up chin you've got going on there. It looks as though they painted a spider mask over a venom figure. Nice six-pack though.
Oh and just as the real Spider-man's does, his chest lights up!

It looks like Captain America suffers from the same ailment as Peter Parker, gigantism of the chin with no neck. Either it was sculpted by Rob Liefeld or his alter ego is Rondo Hatton*.

It looks like too many kids tried Cap's chest for his light barely functioned at all.

*To learn more about Rondo Hatton, click the above link or watch the video below.
(Btw, he suffered from acromegaly, an ailment that my Godfather suffered from. His pituitary gland activated when he was around 50 and he started to grow again. His spine extended and he died a rather painful death.)

Thor has a fairly normal chin for an Asgardian, albeit a bit muddy hairy.

 Nope, his chest doesn't light up very well either. Low on batteries, I guess.
At least he still can lift Mjolnir.

Let's take a look at Hulk. Not a bad sculpture, muscular, not too mis-proportioned. Probably the best of the bunch.

Yay, his chest lights up too!

There's a great cautionary advisory on the back as well, for everyone knows that "Made in China" means you'll get the safest materials ever.

* Chocking Hazard-Not suitable for children under 3 if there is any presence small parts.
* Remove or dispose of all packaging (including polybags) safely before giving to children.
* Be careful of the potential entag ment (sic) hazard with neck, hair of fingers if there are string , wire, wheels or rolling parts in the product.
* Do not shoot towards human body if the product consists of shooting function.
* Do not give the toy to children under target age. Let children play under parental supervision.
* Please retain the above information for future reference.

I feel like I'm forgetting something.

Oh yeah, what the f*ck is Batman doing here???

 It looks like he escaped from Dark Knight Rises with the full cowl (and scowl) while retaining the colour scheme from TAS combined with the Pirate from the Elseworlds Leatherwing figure. Just a wacky looking costume all around.
 What's with the white lines on his chest and thighs?
 Those eyes are more piercing than his light is!!

I definitely want to go to Thailand now if they have more crap like this on the shelves!!

ADDENDUM: I forgot to mention, he also brought me a set of Marvel Stickers. The byline for it reads:
We have hopes because we have love. Made in china

Not a bad set of stickers at all. Some nice designs and I do like Sue Storm's hairstyle.

The only odd one of the bunch is in the lower corner. Worst pose by Mr. Fantastic ever!

Speaking of Batman, here is a picture of him along with Robin, Green Hornet, and Kato. Signed by Adam West, no less!


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