Happy Batman Day!

Today is the 77th anniversary of Batman's debut and the day has been dubbed "Batman Day" (Click that link to find out how some fans are celebrating the day). I choose to show off some covers of the old
バットマン comics written by 桑田二郎  Jiro Kuwata which I have scammed from the wonderful book, Bat-Manga!

First up, a two page spread of Batman and Robin!

The aforementioned Batmanga book.

Now some of the covers in no particular order (except the order in which they showed up in the book.)

Not sure who the villain is in this one but obviously Japan's Batman has no compunction about using guns.

Hey, the debut of  ゴム人間  (Gomu-ningen or Rubber Human, better know as Elongated Man).

Nice cosplay cover for Robin.

The cover blurb is translated as, "Now it begins: The world popular Batman!! Suspenseful riddles and adventure! Kids from 35 different countries are reading the work of the century!! please let your friends know about it!!"

Batman changes costume as he runs for the Batmobile driven by an Alfred E. Newmanesque Robin.

The Batmobile is called the バットマンカー Batman-car here.

Parts 1 and 2 of their encounter with Clayface.

Lord Death Man is obviously based on Death Man. Not sure why he gets the royal treatment in Japan.

Go Go The Magician, parts 1 and 2.

Dr. Faceless Part 2. Hey, where's Part 1?

Another Part 2 and a Part 3, this time Batman is up against Professor Gorilla.

Looks to me that Batman and Elongated Man battle the Phantom General. Thanks to the GCD for helping me discover the inspiration for these comics.

Penguin makes his debut.

A couple of issues in a collage.

I'm not sure of the inspiration for the above, but it might be this issue.

The Man Who Quit Being Human, Parts 1-4.

The above appears to be two covers from his 50's SF adventures. The insignia on his chest is wacky!

Not sure who the villain is in this one, but it is a pretty cool cover!

That's it for Batman Day. See you next year...



To celebrate the dvd/bluray/netflix release of Captain America Civil War, Marvel has collaborated with T-card and released its own card. Now when I buy gas at Eneos, rent a movie at Tsutaya, or buy something at Family Mart, I can gain points and have my very own cool looking card.

Oh cool, there is some kind of tie-in with Doctor Strange which unfortunately we have to wait until late January to see.

In a further quest to suck all the money from my wallet, there is also a "Kuji" (Lucky draw). Drop 700 yen (plus tax natch) and you can win glorious prizes. I haunted 6 stores yesterday until I found a place that sold them. I bought three and landed a mug, stickers and a tote bag. I went back to the same place today and it was almost sold out! Therefore, I did the only logical thing and bought the remaining kuji.

Thanks to this, I won the "A" prize, the "C" prize and several "E and H" prizes. But because I cleared out the lot, I also landed the special "Last One" prize.

Cap vs. Iron Man! By the way, if you're keeping track, Cap is beating Iron Man in the polls by 55%-45%!

UPDATE: I forgot to add this picture of the "D" prize, a very nice tote bag with the Marvel logo on it that I won on the first day of the contest.

3/4 pouches. (One double)

1/2 Big Towels.

This really is big, it's about two metres long!

4/6 sheets of Stickers. (3 doubles)

The ones I'm missing.

 4/6 Mugs (2 doubles).

The ones I'm missing.

UPDATE: I am running low on funds, so I couldn't buy more than two more kuji. I got another rerun of stickers and 1/5 posters. I'd say that this is the best one.

A pretty good haul, I must say! I'd still like a pillow though!

The only negative thing about the purchase is that the store manager refused to give me the display poster even though I had just dropped a ton of cash. He no longer has a display since I cleared it out so why does he need the poster? All of the staff were on my side but shrugged their shoulders in assent to the manager. What a dink, probably scamming it for himself!

I now have my Christmas shopping finished. Anyone want a mug?

I Joined the Squad.

I'm not sure what all the hubbub about Suicide Squad is. I got a kick out of it, critics be damned. Harley of course stole the show and Deadshot got to fire off some of his acting chops as well. Katana cut up the scenery when she was on the screen, Digger boomeranged a lot, and Croc killed with his great makeup job. I was enchanted by Enchantress, El Diablo was on fire with his performance, and Slipknot slipped away too early. Flag waved heroically and Waller stood strong throughout. The biggest joke was, of course, Joker who was grating throughout but eventually grew on you (sort of like fungus.) It was great to see Batman wing his way into the picture.
Okay, enough with the puns.

Was it great? Not by a long shot. It was the funniest DC movie to date and dispelled some of the drudgery of the last few Super movies. I understand that a lot of the Joker's role was expunged, I'm curious as to what was left out for his screen time was fairly prevalent. Even though I wasn't overly fond of his performance, that doesn't stop me from posing with Leto*.
*or at least a cardboard cutout of him.

Anywho, here are some of the Clear Files that I picked up. There was more junk for sale for this flick than at the previous BvsS extravaganza.

Above here is not exactly a clear file. It's a B5-sized plastic sheet that can be used to place between pages in your notebook to ease in taking notes.

That above Clear File was a freebie, given to me when I bought a DC Movix Collaboration card for 100 yen. The card is lame but the file is great.

Finally, here is a copy of a flyer given out to advertise for the movie. If you'd like one, just tell me and I'll mail one out to you (someday).

Spoiler alert!

Spoiler Alert!

The most disappointing part of the movie for me? NO BALLROOM BLITZ! It was only in the trailer! Also, why do they always put the lamest of the tunes during the end credits? You know I'm going to stick around, do you have to torture me in the interim?


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