Adams hame.

All over the netverse today, there have been tributes to one of the all time great artists, Neal Adams. (That link will take you to an interview with his long-time collaborator Roy Thomas.) For me, he was the ultimate Batman cover artist, with a favourite of mine being his Manbat covers. (And that link will take you to a previous post of mine with some Manbat covers.) 

Alas, I don't have access to my personal collection because they're gaining dust in a friend's basement in Toronto, and since I don't want to scam photos from the internet, I will offer what meager examples of his work I have on hand. Here thanks to the Showcase Presents collection, I present Adams' covers of The Phantom Stranger in glorious black and white! Feel free to print them off and get work on colouring them yourself.

Starting with Showcase #80. (If you'd like to see these in their full-coloured glory, go to the GCD.)

Followed by Issues 3-21...







(As an aside, #14 is probably my favourite of the bunch!)




If anyone would like to buy this for me, I'd be happy to show off the next 21 covers. 

I'm proud to say that this is one of the few series in which I've managed to score all of the issues, though they are languishing in that aforementioned basement, along with several of his Batman covers and most of his Spectre ones as well. Requiescet in Pace Mr. Adams and thanks for the many years of entertainment.


Statue of No Limitations.

Hey, I finally have something to blog about!

My chauffeur (friend who does all the driving) and I ventured out on a gloomy, cloudy and drizzly day to the back roads of Ono, Fukushima to a place called Todozan (Click for a google map.) We took a long and winding road (doo doo, doodoo-dooo) up a mountain side out in the sticks. Literal sticks, the road was covered with fallen cedar branches, and didn't appear to be driven upon since last week's earthquake. I had NO idea where we were going, this information was not divulged to me. At first glance, I saw several cool Buddha-inspired statuettes, at the foot of a long moss-encrusted staircase.

Further along was this fellow carrying a cask of sake.

This is one of the creepiest. There are creepier to come... Beside him was a very jolly fellow.

Ah, here's a map of what I'm about to encounter.

And an extremely tall, majestic cedar.

From here, I'll forego the commentary and just show off some of the statues.

As we trekked up the staircase, we were met by several figures and it was at this point that a tremendous gust of wind took out my umbrella. Fortunately, the rain slowed down to a pitter patter, but the wind continued to roar.

I like this guy nestled among the roots of yet another cedar.

We've reached the apex of the steps.

A few more sets of dudes before we reach a dilapidated gateway.

Niomon Gate.

A few more stairs and we're greeted by some more fellows including a guy chowing down on bread (or maybe watermelon, hard to tell.)

The only statue with a bit of colour, probably a gourd.

I lobe the earloves on these guys.

Is this temple from 1790? We didn't dare gong the gong for fear it'd fall apart. It's called Manpukuji Temple

Cool dragon and lion protectors

Fortunately we arrived while the killer hornets are still hibernating.

Past the temple, we get to the main event! A multitude of statues of all kinds of folks.


There are SO MANY depictions of Buddha's disciples that, I shan't comment on them and let the photos speak for themselves. (Note: Some narration may occasionally occur.)

Oh here's a creepy one.

One of the very few non-human figures. (Or he's just a really ugly dude.)


I'm not sure who she is, seems to be a newer addition to the masses.

I luv this guy.

I wandered further down the trail and saw a mini-cave. Not much statue action around here.

Although this is something I would definitely do, it wasn't me who put the shades on this one.

Tiger puncher!

And that's about it for Todozan! (If you click that link, you can learn more about this place and the significance of many of the disciples. I preferred viewing them in a state of ignorant bliss.)
Here's a shot of the forest from above.

The preceding was sponsored by Cacao KitKat

On the way there, we did make a brief pitstop to check out Spidey. I'm not sure who carved this and how long ago, but it is beginning to show its age. First a mini-Spider-Man.

And then the main event.

Someone has developed a fungal infection.

And hidden away is a dinosaur!

Now that I'm back in a blogging mood, perhaps I'll do so more frequently. 


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