It's really late so I'm just going to show you some of the stuff for sale at the two cinemas I've attended. I shall show you my purchases later so this is the stuff I could have bought but haven't yet done so. First up, the loot from Toho Cinema.

This little gadget can be mounted on your dashboard and looks pretty cool. Until you see it in action...

Some Godzilla wafer cookies* and some "tool boxes" although I don't think there are any tools within.
*More about the cookies later.

A Hazard sign that you can buy, though why is beyond me. There's also a black one.

Snow globes. These could be new but I suspect they're a reissue.

A few little key-chain doodads.

NO idea what these are for.

Mini snow globes.

Now onto the goods at Aeon Mall in Natori. Below is a pencil case, some masking tapes, a key-chain, a medal, and some Hand Spinners.

Some really nice magnets but at 780 each, a little steep.

Pens with a figure on top.

A coaster, some key-chain accessories and a neck strap.

A big tote bag and a plastic cover for placing under the page in a book for easy writing. We don't really have a word for this in English, perhaps under-board.

The two figures I showed off yesterday and an acrylic calendar.

A hand spinner. If these held just a smidgen of interest for me, I'd get one.

Hopefully, I'll get a chance to see the movie tomorrow and that may inspire me to buy more loot.


Making Friends.

A quick non-Godzilla post featuring Kemono Friends. A pal of mine has been watching this show since day one and I managed to catch an episode on the tube the other day. Really confusing but pretty cool considering the shoestring budget it is shot on. I popped into a Lotteria today and they had a Clear File promotion when you buy a bucket of fries. I hadn't eaten lunch yet and I do love my Clear Files, so there ya go.

The bucket of fries features a trio of characters that you can detach from the bucket itself.

Along with my fries, I also received a coupon for a cheeseburger and a drink. Yay!

There have been a couple of Kuji draws of late and I won the prize thrice. I gave away two Servals already.

My last attempt at the main prize, I landed yet another E prize. This time I scored Strongbad oops, Lucky Beast. Apparently, one can keep their bus pass within this beast for easy swiping.

Aw heck, here is another GMP (Godzilla Monster Planet) tidbit, and beware for there is a spoiler yet to come thanks to the lads at Toys R Us. We've already seen the Big G himself so that's no big shocker.

Pretty cool. For those of you who don't want to learn what one of his antagonists will be, stop reading now for Avast, there be Spoilers ahead!



As you can see, he's up against some kind of Rodan-type flying creature. Skinnier than previous Rodans, so it may be a different beast altogether.

More tidbits in the future...


Tomorrow is the premiere of the new anime, Godzilla Monster Island. I hope to post some Godzilla tidbits daily until I run out of tidbits. First up a couple of prizes I scored at UFO Catcher last night!

The task is to scoop up the ping pong balls and place them in a single spot in a Takoyaki tray.

I managed to land this guy after 8 tries.

I continued playing and landed three towels and one more stuffed Godzilla. Not a bad haul for twenty bucks.

Just so you know what anime I'm talking about, here is trailer 1.

Trailer 2 also contains a making of segment which I don't plan to watch until after I see the toon.

More tidbits tomorrow!


The Force Reawakens!

Have you heard that there's a new Star Wars movie coming? The Last Jedi is about a month away and for the last few weeks, I've been collecting Star Wars eggs featuring characters and ships from The Force Awakens. I finally snagged the "Secret" egg today and therefore I can show them all off for you. This is what one of the boxes looks like and the price has increased by about 20 yen since the last set.

The first character is BB-8. Let's hope he doesn't get upstaged by his cousin in the new movie.


C-3PO who is caught red-handed.

R2-D2 looking sad, having lost Kenny Baker this last year.


I always did like Rey's bust.

My favourite of this set has to be the bespectacled Maz Kanata.

Finn, also known as FN-2187.

Finn's nemesis, one of the First Order Stormtroopers.


Captain Phasma whose name and garb is reminiscent of an Elton John song.

Kylo Ren looking forceful. If Rey turns out to be his sister, I hope there's a scene where they smooch.

The Command Shuttle


The Star Destroyer.

The First Order Special Force Tie Fighter. (That's a mouthful.)

X-Wing Fighter as owned by Poe Dameron.

I don't want to give away the Secret one so you'll need to scroll down past the SPOILER ALERT in order to see it. 



Yes, it's Luke Skywalker, who has been disarmed.

Did you peek? I know that you did!


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