That's a Load of BullMark.

It's the finale of GOvember!

While I'm typing this, I have Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: All Out Monster Attack on in the background. I don't mind them making Godzilla the villain, but I do take umbrage at allowing Ghidorah to be one of the Guardian saviours. (Oops. Spoiler.)

Anyway, for the last day, I saved some vinyl figures from way back in 2004 in the Final Wars days. Iwakura/Bullmark put these colourful figures in a box and urged one to buy them up. I did so. Furthermore, HMV also had a slightly more colourful version of the same 10 figures (plus one secret.)

I'm still missing a few, but for now, here is round one. HMV on the left, regular on the right.

Godzilla towering over Tokyo Tower.


King Ghidorah.


Only the regular version of Gorosaurus, no HMV.


Missing a Kanime.*


Jet Jaguar.

And MechaGodzilla.

Here is HMV in all their glory.

And the rest of the gang in more subdued tones.

I'm missing the Secret ones as well, they go for a pretty penny so I suspect they were Very rare. HMV has a coloured Gorosaurus, the regular ones have a coloured Megalo.

Round 2 came out the following year, starting with Godzilla naturally which unfortunately has eluded me.

Rodan and Mogera.

Mothra from above and below.



I also watched a bit of Hedorah today.


And Gezora.* (I'm missing Minya as well.)

Here they are all together (minus 2 and a Secret Hedorah.)

*Who the heck are Kameba, Kanime and Gezorah, you might ask. They are sea creatures enlarged by the Space Amoeba, Yog of course.

Only 30 days in GOvember so as an added bonus is the 31st picture from my daily calendar by artist Yuji Murakami.

Back to our regularly scheduled Blog and its infrequent occurrence starting tomorrow.


No Thing to See Here.

 Whoa, is it the 29th of GOvember already!

Too bad I have such a short entry for today. I watched Godzilla vs. Mothra earlier and now Mothra vs. Godzilla is on. (The former from '92, the latter from '64.) Here's a brief preview of Battrah in Battle.

I challenge you to figure out which is from 1964 and which from 1992. (A fairly easy task.)

Although King Ghidorah doesn't show up in either flick, here it is alongside Chibi-Mothra and Chibi-Gojira.

As an added bonus, here's a packet of stickers I acquired at some point.

That's it for tonight, I have a busy day tomorrow, though hopefully I'll have a big finale prepared. 
ps. Can anyone decipher what I mean by this post's title?

King Kong Dies and Lives!

 I did not expect Day 28 of GOvember to end up this way, but it did.

I had two extra lessons at my Airline School today, so I got home late. By the time I ate dinner, King Kong Lives was half over. To be followed by the 1976 King Kong. (Sentence fragment alert!) I settled down, finished watching the ending of KKL with a very kawaii Linda Hamilton and decided to crack a beer and watch Dino de Laurentis's King Kong. What follows are snippets of me spamming a friend as a running commentary throughout the movie.

My rankings of Kong movies varies as I watch each film. #1 is ALWAYS 1933 KK, #2 is Skull Island, #3 is 2005 KK. '76 just bumped Peter Jackson. (If I re-watch PJKK, my ranking may change again.)

Addendum: a pre-Alien & ET Carlo Rambaldi did the special effects.

Apologies for the WTC gag.

Then King Kong Lives starts again as the Twitch cycle repeats itself.

I left the comfort of my headphones and tv for I just got to the part of KKL that I'd already seen.

This screenshot of King Kong Lives is far superior to the actual movie.

At this point, I dozed off at my computer and woke up two hours or so later.

That's where I find myself now. So, lets just add a quick GOvember Godzilla entry as I'm running out of days in the month.

These are Godzilla Finger Puppets, Series 1.

Let's see if I can find series 2.

There we go. I don't have any work tomorrow (another reason for my weekday drinking binge), so I might just watch PJKK or KKSI tomorrow.


It Figures!

 This posting daily thing is tougher than I thought. As a result, GOvember suffers.

Saturday was spent as Santa and I visited a friend in the Akiu Onsen district. (You guess which picture is which.)

I did catch a few episodes of Godzilla: the Series, a two-parter with Aliens, not included in this clip.

But...apart from organizing a few boxes, never managed to post anything.

Sunday entailed watching The Mediocre Great Wall with MATT DAMON (spoken in Trey Parker's voice). Not a good movie by any stretch of the imagination but the creatures were cute. At least now we know the real reason behind the construction of the Wall.

I spent much of the day organizing these little figures and had a wrench thrown in my way when my overhead lamp decided to stop glowing and I had to go on a bulb search. By that time, my patience was up so I watched the last two episodes of the game show, Richard Osmond's House of Games and went to bed.

I did complete photographing all my little figures, but my computer acted up.

So now it's Monday evening and I can show off the figures, not in any discernible order.

From the Iwakura Toho Godzilla Tokusatsu Encyclopedia series 1, it's Magma from Gorath.

Who doesn't love a giant walrus?

I also have a Megalunon and Giant Condor from Rodan (I think). 

Too bad, I don't have the colour version. Apparently these were sold along with Orion candy cigarettes!

That's all I have from the very first series, a sequel 1.5 came out shortly thereafter. Starting with the newly hatched Radon/Rodan chowing down on giant bugs.

There appears to be two versions: one eating, one not.

From my favourite non-Kaiju movie, Matango.

A couple of fun guys.

A couple of X-alien invaders.

I also have a see-through Gigan, whose leg doesn't want to attach properly.

That's about it for series 1.5. Thanks to another blogger, I was able to piece together most of the information about Series 2.

Because I don't have a card for this one, I had to do some Googling and it's some old guy who is nursing the severed hand of Frankenstein/Sanda back to life. 

Colour version scammed from the above link.

I have Godzilla playing volleyball with a rock tossed at him by Ebirah. (Only when I took my photo, I didn't have a reference.)

Here's the reference.

Speaking of Ebirah, it must have been rather ubiquitous, I have two.

Two different editions of the same giant Mantis, Kamacuras. One cracking the egg and then the other pecking at the newly hatched Minya.

There's also some more gathering around before daddy (mommy?) Godzilla blasts them.

My guy Angry Anguirus

This guy's photos are far superior to mine!


King Shisa (Caesar).

I'm not even sure this is the same guy.

The deceased Gorosaurus

If you want any details on Series 2, click that link. I have a smattering of figures from Series 3, starting with a leaping Baragon who fought the aforementioned Frankenstein.

The plant Goji-hybrid, Biollante.

The bully Gabara.

A couple of Sea Monsters (better known as the Dragon from the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter).

Now I need to find that movie! Easier said than done!

A larval stage of Destroyah.

A trio of triceratops and the Mothra larva.

Speaking of Mothra 3, here we have Ghiddorah chomping on a T-Rex.

And that about wraps it up for my Iwakura Toho Special Effects collection. Now you can see why it took me three days to get this finished. Someday, I'll do the same to the Gamera series!


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