Mukashi, Mukashi.

Once Upon a Time (Mukashi, Mukashi), I was really proficient at UFO Catcher. So good that I would come home with 1-2 duffel bag sized bags stuffed full of goodies. I still have some of the booty and if you've been reading along this month, 90% of the Nightmare Before Christmas loot was via the Crane games.

For example, here are some strings of Jack heads and a handful of Jack balls perfect for hanging on a tree.

That was then, this is now. I could get 2 or three balls in a single swoop but now it takes me two or three tries for a single item. Such as these Disney Villains. I managed to get the entire set but it cost me a few sheckles to do so.

To get at these, I had to move a few of these Gloomy Rabbits out of the way. I like the pink one.

Even harder were these IronMan figures. There are a ton of them still there and it took a few coins to get these ones.

I had lots of time to kill yesterday and I have a friend who would definitely love to take these off my hands, I managed to get 8 Frozen Tapes fairly easily and surprisingly enough, 7 of them were different, only 1 repeat!

 She'd also like this pair of spoons.

I haven't tried to catch any Attack on Titan stuff lately. It is usually too tough to achieve. Here is a set of memo pads instead...

No more catching for the time being! (Aw, who am I kidding. I'll be at it again this weekend, I'm sure.)


Birthday Boy!

There's nothing like a late October birthday to get one in the mood for Halloween. That being said, I spent the entire day yesterday with Alex "Mokugohan" Hutton for a pre-birthday BBQ.

Doesn't he look great for 43? I've known him for over 30 years now and he just gets better with age.

After he put on his skin, he looked even better and I gave him a Drax which his mini-Drax immediately stole away from him.

Mmm. Giblets. There was lots of meat and even some green stuff to consume.

I just happened to have some Cookies and Marshmallows handy for dessert.

After the sun went down, we moved the party indoors for Cake and Costumes!

Keep it twisted, sister. Here's to the next 30!


Halloween Around Town.

I had two hours to kill between weddings today, so went oot 'n aboot the downtown core to see what Halloweenish decos are around. Across from my wedding locale, is the tallest building in Sendai and they have a fairly nice display outside.

Within the building there is a chocolatiere that sells REALLY expensive choco. It's name is Jacques Something or Other and they had a cute little poster of Jacques O' Lanterns. You could get one of 4 buttons if you buy something for 5 bucks. Well I bought a 5 dollar spicy hot chocolate that didn't taste very good at all and when I asked for my button, I was refused. Apparently, you have to buy one of those cheap plastic pumpkins in the poster that has a few candies in it. I huffed and puffed and the lady relented and gave me a badge. Hardly seemed worth all the fuss. 

As I wondered further downtown, I noticed a flower shop with a guordgeous display.

There was a travel fair going on and if I had more time, I  might have investigated further. As it stands, I only stopped at one display because they had a Hello Kitty bag. It also came with a pack of Kitty tissues. While hanging around, I encountered a few spokespersons including NyuNyu.

Further along, there were some plants at the Ghibli Shop with a cheap pumpkin shoved in it to shill for Halloween. The Ghibli characters looked great though.

These wolf masks look great and if I had had more time, I would have wasted even more cash trying to win one.

 I did manage to resist buying any Nightmare items from Disney. A tad overpriced.

As I moved along Ichibancho, a bunch of kids were selling goods. One young lad shoved a piece of fabric in my face and tried explaining this work of tapestry. I ignored his attempt and went straight for the awesome Date Masamune Jack 'o Lantern!

At Kododai Koen, there was a Milk Fair going on including a giant cow filled with jumping kiddies.

There was a live cow that you could milk and if there wasn't such a lineup, I would have loved to try; it's been a while since I've had my hands on some teats.

See above comment.

That was it for the afternoon but later that evening, my former Shiogama colleagues had a pub night with a bunch of their students. I just happened to have some Halloween candies to give out. Each candy reads:
Woooo! Monsters appear with spooky groaning. Are you scared? No! Have a bite? Yes! Get yourself addicted to frightening and yummy monster sweets!

I also just happened to have the dragon from Sleeping Beauty on hand, so handed it to an Awake Beauty, Yvonne.

I don't think she realizes that her new pet has a drinking problem.

Finally, we wondered over to Oggi Domani for a nightcap before we went our separate ways. We were stuffed in the corner near the loo so I gave out spare candies to whosoever had to wait in line. One such gal took a shining for my Gachapin garb. Too bad, I had to take off and grab the last bus!


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