Fright NIght Tonight.

It's past my bedtime so I'll make this quick.
Fright Night: great movie, great premise, great makeup, great campy acting.

 Great music!

Today's selfie and Ghostbusters are courtesy of costume shopping at Don Quixote. I didn't buy anything except for some socks but I was tempted.

Finally, a couple more kids' pictures.


Spirit of the Dead Guts.

The Evil Dead II, Dead by Dawn is given the Japanese title of 死霊のはらわた II, which translates roughly as "Spirit of the Dead Guts". I am sure I have seen it sometime in the past but none of these pictures look familiar. I must give it another view. I know I have seen "Spirit of the Dead Guts I" and "Army of Darkness", which is given the great Japanese title of キャプテン・スーパーマーケット (Captain Supermarket)! I really need to track down these pamphlets.

Directed by the great Sam Raimi.

And starring the amazing Bruce Campbell.

This cute little pic was scammed from the internet but I forgot to copy the original link.

This selfie is from a few years back when I attended Evil Dead, The Musical. As you can see, I was in the Splatter-Zone!

This picture of Ash was purchased from Arthur Suydam a few years back when he was at a Toronto Comic Convention. I love it!

Today's Ghostbusters items are kuji prizes. I bought three upon release of the movie and won the #1 Prize of a StayPuft Man which I have shown previously. A couple of lower ranking items are these mini-cushions.

I picked up this because it was on sale. Not bad, crunchy and cheesy.

Finally, a couple more student drawings.

I think this last one of the Jack 'o Lantern using a chainsaw on a ghost is worthy of the Evil Dead!


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