Poster Puzzle Post!

This should be my last Star Wars post for the foreseeable future (at least until a month of RotJ's 30th Anniversary in 3 years) so today I have unfolded 3 jumbo posters and scanned them. As you can see, they are actually preview posters for Revenge of the Sith on DVD but the characters in question are fairly iconic and thus recognizable from The Empire Strikes Back as well. As a greater challenge, I've mixed them up...your task is to reassemble them...best of luck!

ps. Sorry this is late, I had fully intended to post it last night, but for some reason Blogger was taking FOREVER to download my pics and I had to go to bed for an early arousal. (Get your minds out of the gutter, not that kind of arousal!) Consider it 3 years early for RotJ!


My Kind Of Town!

I haven't been to Chicago (or any other American city apart from an airport) in almost a decade yet it's my third favourite behind New Orleans & New York. Today the Chicago Blackhawks beat the Philly Phlyers 6-5 in a topsy-turvy game where no one ever had a two goal advantage and a goal was scored about every 4 shots! A great game and I managed to blab about it on my Facebook page much to the chagrin of most of my cronies. The bad news is that if they should win Lord Stanley, they will break a Cupless streak since 1961. That will leave the Leafs with the longest dry spell!

My first Christmas back in Canada was 2000-2001 and since the only flight I could get was in transit via The Windy City, I invited BigBoB and the two of us stayed there for a week before I flew back to Japan. It was bitter cold, about -30 daily with the temperature on the final day jumping up to a toasty -15! We managed to hit the Blues bars at night and enjoy the days at heated Museums. I think it was at the Museum of Science & Industry where we saw "The Art of Star Wars" and fortunately my camera had a panorama setting.

We also went to the Field Museum where we saw Sue the T-Rex and her pals!

Heads up to Follower, Roy of Chicago Ghouls fame who is suffering from an Attack of Crabs at the moment.
Oh yeah, we also saw the Blackhawks play the Oilers there. I suspect we were the only two Oilers fan in the Arena, so when they won 2-1, we quietly made our egress without drawing attention from the 16000+ Hawks fans!


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