Santa Came!

And I have to clean up the mess. Let's see what he brought me.

A vintage, complete in a slightly battered box, ST,TESB Battle on Ice Planet Hoth SNAP Action Scene set. I may even assemble it one day.

In my stocking was a Mandai grab bag and some cheap Star Trek knockoff ships. How does he know what I like?

I see Santa was in a hurry and forgot to remove the price tags. What's in the bag?

 Can't go wrong with Doraemon.
 Okaaaay, shoes. Who the heck would collect these?
 These are cool. Evangelion Metal Figures.
 Sweet, a Darth head bottle cap. Gee, I hope Santa brought me some more bottle caps.
(Ooh, foreshadowing.)
 I saw the lizard before I opened the package and it pleased me. The frog is just an added bonus.
 Who'd 'a thunk it? Some One Piece guys.
 A pinky ring.
 This guy. Creepy.
 A Pokemon character?
 Dunno who these gals are. Cute though.
 I need to learn more about Squid Girl. She should team up with Aquaman.
 Mini-cars courtesy of Wonda coffee.
 How long ago was the Japan/Korea World Cup? Surely these dog tags are collector's items now.
 Speaking of soccer, some big-headed players. (Don't all soccer players have swelled heads?)
 Mini Gundams.
A wrestling guy.

Not a bad haul, hey what's this? Santa brought me eight bags stuffed with about a dozen Pepsiman in each! Awesome!

I'm not going to walk you through each bag. Suffice to say, I got mainly Pepsiman vs. Universal Monsters and Pepsiman Accident series. I also received a handful of other characters, such as...

 A couple of Gundam caps. That's cool. I never did complete a set.
 A couple more SW caps. No complaints here (id est. No JarJar.)
 A couple of Ichiro/ Mariners bobble-heads.
 Yay. Three Incredibles caps. I haven't seen these in ages.
 I have never owned a Mario cap before. Not disappointed. And that Spidey is from a dozen years ago!
Two more bobbling Ichiros.
And a two more shoes. Oh well, they can't all be great.

I won't go into details but I landed a complete set of the Accident series.

 As a matter of fact, I got two full sets and 4/5ths of a third set, plus a handful of doubles. (They need some dusting.)
I saw some guy selling these on E-Bay for 35 bucks! And that was at half off. I doubt whether he gets many takers.

If you Google "Universal Monsters Pepsiman", my blog entry of a few years back is the first selection! I landed one complete set of each series and numerous doubles and triples. I even got the elusive Grey Grim Reaper variant!

Others may think that why did you want to receive a whole bunch more of these things if you already own a set? And my answer is. Why not. I had immense pleasure just sitting around sorting through these and organizing them. (This could be a reason why I'm still single.) Some day, if I can figure out the Paypal rules, I plan to sell these on the net and make my fortune!

Where are all the presents from my friends and family? Well, the old adage, "It's better to give than receive." is one that I've been forced to live with. And I don't seem to mind all that much.

As for Happy Birthday... I went to a midnight Anglican Church service last night. I couldn't make head nor tails of the service itself but I could sing along to the hymns. There was also this cute gal sitting across from me...

Upon departure, I mentioned that it was my birthday to one of the choristers and the Pastor then had the entire choir (all eight of them) sing "Happy Birthday" to me! Three verses in 4-part harmony. For someone who is rarely on the receiving end of this tune, it was a heartfelt moment.

There wasn't much action going on in Kokubuncho, most of the couples had already retired to their Love Hotels. I popped into Dragon's Diner and had a few brew with Suu and a couple of patrons. While I was there, a trio of travelling Filipino carolers came in and trashed a couple of Christmas songs. Suu suggested that they sing "HB" and I was yet again serenaded with a rousing chorus of "Happy Birthday". Doubly blessed!

Today was one fraught with laziness (I have yet to change from my pjs) but I did manage to put together a fairly decent Christmas dinner. I'm just like Batman...I had a capon!

While writing this, I had a couple of beers and am now going to enjoy Zombieland!

Thanks to all the well wishes, I even got a Happy Birthday from Google! Holy crap! My profile has been viewed more than 1.3 million times. What a sick twisted world in which we live!

Merry Kaijumas!

Godzilla, all his irradiated friends, and I wish you a Merry Kaijumas!

I finished off my Santa duties last night and here I am on my throne awaiting the little urchins to sit upon my lap or scream in terror while their picture is snapped.

 Santa's little helpers.

That's all I care to write about Christmas this year. Coming up, my Birthday extravaganza!


A Peek At A Pika-Pika Pageant.

I was on my way home from another Santa gig, dropped in on the Sendai Festival of Lights and came up with two observations.
1. It is really dull (surprising for something so bright) when you are sober.
2. It is even duller when you wander the streets alone with no one that you can enlighten with your witty and pithy banter.

That being said, it sure is purty!

Then my night was brightened further by those Kris Kringles on wheels, Santa's Choice!
(Not to be confused with Satan's Choice, a biker gang from Canada.)

Rats, they zoomed by before I had my camera ready. Back to the ponderous pageant.

Yay, the Bikers are back and this time they seem to have magical powers!

See how they disappear into the ethereal? Awesome.

Tonight is my last Santa gig and then I'll be hanging up the costume for the year and start celebrating what December 25th is truly about...MY BIRTHDAY!


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