Mr. Big Stuff.

Today was payday and what better way to blow a few bucks than winning a few GotG goodies. Groot and the gang were tough to catch yet I still managed to wrangle a set.

These particular crane games make it tough to grab your prize, it took me several tries to land just a single one. The arm of the crane would pick it up and then drop it, again and again. I had to have the staff re-position them several times and even then they were elusive. After a couple of dozen tries, I landed my full set!

I've placed these guys on my dashboard in such a way so they won't block my view while driving. It is the first pimping of my ride to date.

Btw, the GotG gang are featured in a twitter campaign and the top prize is this dancing Groot. Alas, I have never tweeted nor twittered and have no desire to start doing so thus this prize shall remain unsought.

The above guys were difficult to wrangle though another crane game places older prizes in a single bin and the arms on this game are programmed to actually pick up the desired item. It costs 200 yen per attempt but I usually grab my quarry in a single try. This is what I landed today.
A cushy Chupacabra pillow. (Click that link or this one for more examples of Chupacabra.)

I also grabbed two Fantastic Beasts mufflers (I asked two different staff to position the prizes, I didn't want to appear greedy).

I was going to give them away as presents yet this is rather cozy so I think I'll keep it.

Speaking of Fantastic Beasts, I acquired this platypus-like Niffler several weeks ago. She even has a little pouch in front.

Last week was a first for me. I landed two prizes in one shot. I don't really want the dog but I did desire the Stay Puft Man.

Since I was on a roll, I decided to grab this giant Daruma ball as well.

I won this Spidey and IronMan a while ago and I see that there are a few more in one of the more difficult bins. I'll wait until they land in this easy bin and grab them for friends.

Now that Guardians release is on the horizon, I'm hoping there'll be lots more prizes for me to win!

Here's an extended preview for your purview.


Show Me the Beast!

I watched 美女と野獣 Bijo to Yajuu (Beauty and the Beast, click that link to go to the website) today with my pal Yvonne (I'll let you speculate as to who is the beauty and who is the beast) and though I almost dozed off early on, it soon picked up and I thoroughly enjoyed it. (Except for Celine Dion's tune at the end...Barf!) Sure it is just a revival of Stockholm Syndrome, the Musical but it still rings a Belle. Actually, I think Belle was just using the poor Beast to get at his library.

This is a Clear File that I picked up, all the others were too mushy.

There is a new Ghibli Studio Ponoc movie coming out in July. It's directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi who also directed When Marnie was There and Arrietty.

Mary and the Witch's Flower stars Hana Sugisaki who was also Sayaka in Marnie.

Here's the trailer for it, though we never had any subtitles when it showed on the screen tonight.

There are also big posters for GoG Remix and Logan. I'm unsure as to which one I'm more excited about.

Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any incentives for buying an advance ticket. I'd love a Baby-Groot key-chain or something. There is, though, a gift for buying a ticket for Spider-Man Homecoming (click that link for release dates. It opens worldwide on July 6-7 but we in Japan have to wait until August 11th!)

What I received is a nifty little earphone reel.

According to the above picture, it seems as though one would get a pair of earphones, but nope, all ya get is a reel.

Regardless, it is still pretty cool.

The promo flyer is out now as well.

Speaking of promo flyers, Wonder Woman (once again, check out the release date. June 1st or 2nd for most of the world, a week or so later for the rest of the world and almost two months later for Japan, the LAST country as usual) has a mini 8-page booklet describing her history (herstory).

Finally for those of you who are still playing Pokemon Go, here is the elusive Michaelypuff!


Enter the Kongtest.

A cameraman friend of mine sent me this picture today of King Kong vs. Godzilla. It's on the side of a small building in Motomiya, Fukushima. It's stuff like this that continues to impress me about this country we've adopted.

It has inspired me to write my long awaited post on Skull Island. I loved that movie, probably more so than the last Hollywood Godzilla or Shin-Godzilla. Who knew that John C. Reilly could be such a badass? Yet the biggest disappointment about this flick is its utter complete lack of goodies. The only item I received was this poster upon viewing it in IMAX.

The only other items available are these cool gifts that can only be received via answering a trivia question. (If you want to know the answer, ask me in the comments section. I don't want everyone vying for the big prize!)

(There is also a Funko Pop or t-shirt available here.)

I don't know if it's still available but I wouldn't mind this Kong-sized bucket of popcorn available only at 109-Cinema.

Due to the distinct lack of goods, I'm going to have dig into my archives from PJ's Kong of a decade ago. Rather than keep it in its box, I decided this Kong would look better on top of my desk.

Even cooler than that though are these 10 little figures featuring some of the iconic scenes and creatures.

The only other Kong item I own is this UFO-caught giant head. At a Halloween party about 9 years ago, I carried this beheaded gorilla noggin around when I portrayed a caveman.

Finally, here are a couple of Gatcha-Gorillas that I obtained over a year ago. The one on the left will hang on to your pencil and the guy on the right is to keep your earphones from tangling.

King Kong is still playing in the theatre and I may just catch it one more time before it disappears completely.


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