Happy Kaiju Year!

As the Year of the Dragon ends, what can we look forward to next year?

Enjoy the New Year with lots of monsters!

Bad movie, good teaser.

Good movie, so so teaser.

This is so silly, it's terrific!

If like Indy you suffer from ophidiophobia, you'll dread the forthcoming year.

ME? I love the slimy little legless wonders, so bring on the Year of the Snake!


Thunderbirds Are Gone.

Last July I picked up the first two volumes of the Gerry Anderson SFX DVD Collection. In honour of Mr. Anderson's passing today, here are some highlights from the first two volumes.

Each mag comes with two DVDs. One has two episodes of Thunderbirds and the other has two episodes of either Captain Scarlet, Stingray, Joe 90 or UFO.

I also have a nifty binder in which one is supposed put the pages from each show.

These are the dividers used to separate the pages.

I like these behind the scenes photos of Gerry and Sylvia at work. True professionals.

I am not at all familiar with Joe 90, barely aware of UFO and for Stingray, I only recall the theme song. I caught some Captain Scarlet on our Superchannel a while back but of course Thunderbirds is the Super Super-Marionated show.

Too bad this wasn't such an expensive way to compile the collection, or I'd get them all.

In addition to Gerry Anderson, we also lost Jack Klugman and Charles Durning. Not a very merry Christmas for some.


Happy Boxing Day!

I know I'm a day late in Japan for Boxing Day but I think it's still applicable in Canada. (For those of you who aren't part of the British Commonwealth, you can find out about Boxing Day here.) I haven't done a comics-covers post in a while, so I thought I'd do so today.

Who knew cats have prehensile tails?

How do ducks manage to fit boxing gloves over webbed hands?

 An iconic cover, how many celebrities can you spot? (Click on any cover to blow them up to Rocky size.)

 Goofy has a lot more faith in Mickey's prowess than I do.
I don't ever remember Bugs going up against Hippety Hopper but this looks more Tex Avery than Chuck Jones.
Very meta!

 Ah the old, "you wouldn't hit a duck with glasses" gag.

Not familiar with the comic or the character but it looks like the Bucket was tired of being a spitoon.

 When it comes to Wolverine, it can't really be considered boxing but I was trying to find 10 covers.

Kind of stretching it with the last one but actually this was the inspiration for the Boxing theme.
(A big Box of thanks goes to the GCB for the covers.)

Happy Boxing Day everyone!

Happy Merry Birthmas.

I celebrated the second anniversary of my 27th birthday yesterday and spent the entire day lazing around the apartment. I finally got up and ready and met my date for the evening. The adorable Hitomi has been my platonic paramour for the last few Christmases and I'm always guaranteed some good loot from her. This year was no exception.

 I've spent the entire Boxing Day today lounging in my new pjs! I also got a Spider-man TV game that someday I'll figure out how to play.

For Christmas, I received an odd pair of glasses, Robot Chicken Star Wars and a deck of R2D2 playing cards. Score!

I gave as good as I got and as part one of the gifts, she was given her choice of two bottles of Bond Girls nail polish and a Hawkeye eraser (someone has a crush on Jeremy Renner). She chose red & green for Xmas (saving gold & silvery-purple for me to give to a non-platonic paramour) and modelled them for me.

After the gift exchange we saw Frankenweenie. It was my second time but I still thoroughly enjoyed it and this time I misted up at the ending. Hitomi was frightened in all the right places and giggled in the others and afterwards when I explained the innumerable references to classic Universal horrors, she exclaimed, "Sugoi!" with each one. Part two of the gifts was a Frankenweenie towel and some Capsule-figures (which I forgot to photograph.)

I do have a picture of a present that I purchased for myself.

Details on the movie tomorrow!



Those outside of Japan might be unaware of the complete hold that the Colonel has on this country during Christmas. There are lineups down the block or you have to order weeks in advance to get your desired meal. You'll have to do a bit of Googling yourself to learn the history (I'm not completely sure of the dates and stats, and I won't do your research for you), but you'll find that KFC sells more chicken on Christmas day than they do all year*.
(*May not be accurate.)

Tonight, I joined the ranks of cheap guys all over the country by treating my date to KFC. All of the specials were sold out so we had to make do with a normal order.

 Of course if you know me, I couldn't possibly eat something so mundane. Therefore I got the special Suzy's Zoo set which included 2 plates, a bowl & a cup.

We also grabbed a pair of Roast Chicken Legs with the plan of smuggling them into the cinema and consuming them there. We got so caught up in the movie that we never did chow down so now I have something for brunch tomorrow.

Details on the movie and on our gift exchange will have to wait until the morning.
Christmas is also the busiest night of the year for Love Hotels but as you may have surmised by now, I won't be reporting on that phenomenon this time.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday greetings (and Christmas too, I suppose)!

Call for Super-Chicken!


'Zat You Santa Claus?

I wonder if superheroes go through this as well. When you have a secret identity, do you refer to your alter ego in the third person? Here is how I find myself commenting on photos, "Santa  does this. Santa does that." So in that spirit, here are some more pictures of Santa doing various Santa activities.

Yesterday morning, Santa paid a visit to one of the Carl Schools and entertained the troops. I He started off crooning Rudolph and then gave gifts to the throngs of waifs and posed for photos.

Santa appears to be a Furry!

I went out last night and popped into my friend Suu's establishment, Dragons Diner. One of the patrons was a canine Santa!

I won this odd little mushroom character dressed up as a reindeer and gave it to Suu. He wasn't sure what to do with it so he hung it over his fish tank and all the fish began staring at it!

 I moved along to Liga in order to sing a few Carols. There isn't much on the Karaoke menu, without resorting to Wham or Mariah, except for a handful of Bing tunes (White Christmas, You'd Better Watch Out, Let it Snow.) Then Santa made an appearance to croon "Santa Claus is Coming to Town".

Once Santa arrived, he sang Blue Christmas, Lennon's Christmas is Over (which landed him a snog!) and Rudolph in Japanese!

With pal Adam in tow, Santa wandered over to Ernies where he met his doppleganger (from an evil parallel universe), Black Santa! 

Santa finally received a present instead of always doling them out, a pint! Then he posed with several patrons.

Afterwards, he was whisked home in a cab and because the cabbie had never driven a Santa home was given a Santa hat as a tip!


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