I popped down to Rifu Aeon Mall today to check out a kids' Halloween Party and my pal Yuki was the host. Her Chucky is hands down the best (okay, the only) one I've seen this season!

As you can see, there was a pretty good turnout of kiddies, here's a few snaps of them (and some adults).

 Apparently this wolf costume was handmade!
Rumi as the old crone who gives Snow White the poison apple.

Alex and family were there. Seita makes a great Ultron and Kaede as Satana, the Devil's Daughter.

I scammed these photos from their mom.

 That Malefina is one of my students.

I couldn't be bothered to wear a costume. I went all meta; Mike as Mike.

Now I'm off to two different Halloween parties. Still don't have a costume!!!


Kids' Krazy Kreature Kostumes, the Sekwel.

I'm out of the hospital and home vegetating. I'm going to wait until after Halloween to bore you with my adventures in surgery. In the interim, here are some more costumes by my students. Starting with a pirate and ending in a witch.

Countdown finishes this weekend with a party or two tomorrow if I feel up to it.


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