I met up with one of my roving reporters, Dan, the other day and he gave me a few Frankenweenie t-shirts that he had recently bought on sale at Uniqlo. Sizing of clothing is always precarious but fortunately these fit just fine. It's hard to see the design on the first one, seeing that it is convexly out of proportion.

I haven't even worn this one yet and it looks wrinkly.

This is definitely my favourite of the lot. What an iconic image!

All of the Ts have Tim Burton's seal of approval: "Using my original sketches and hand-picked frames from my new stop-motion animated film, Frankenweenie, Uniqlo has created an inspired collection.

In return, I gave him some Sonico characters I had kicking around. Though they are of equivalent value, I believe I got the better of the trade.

In other news, Hisako and I popped into Dragon Diner last night and she got a bad case of puppy love.

Thanks for the pizzas, see ya soon.


Drumming Up Business.

After an aborted attempt a few weeks ago, Hisako and I finally made it to dinner at  くいしん坊 (Kuishinbou) in Tagajo. It's packed on the weekends but during the week, you should be able to get a table. We got a 3000 yen Course that included 8 dishes.

Quite Yummy (albeit, a tad expensive), so check it out. It's a good place to impress a date.

Something else that woos the damsels is to place Chrysanthemums over your eyes (I've got my Mum's eyes). Highly recommended gag.

By the way, the proprietors of this establishment are the parents of my friend Mariko (she who helped me choose my car) and she herself is an organizer of the group called Drumcafe.
If you ever get a chance, check them out.

Afterwards, we went for a walk along the stinky river. The Supermoon was out in all its glory!


Of Stars and Moons.

Last week, one of my roving reporters informed me that the Force has struck again. A coffee drink called Dororich has come out with several different Star Wars-themed designs for their Jelly drink. There are two flavours, regular Creamy Cafe Jelly and Green-Tea Creamy Macha Jelly.

Both of them taste okay but the texture of drinking them is akin to swallowing a cup of snot.

There's an odd campaign on now that features sexy gals shaking the drink. It looks to me like it'll be a successful venture...

On each of the cups, there is a tiny sticker. Beneath that sticker is a bar-code for a campaign where one can win a Darth book or a cool little strap. (Check that link to check them out.)

 I'll let you know if I win anything. I'll need to get someone at work to help me figure it out tomorrow.

Oh yeah and if you hadn't noticed, the Supermoon is in perigee today so it's the closest full moon we'll get until August 2014. I took some crappy photos with my phone before it clouded over.


May the Bottom of the Fourth Be With You!

I caught the Rakuten Eagles game today. Why? Because it was Star Wars Day!!

This is what I took with my iPhone from way behind third base. Darth batting as a few Storm Troopers look on.

Now, here's a close up of what happened to Darth's hit...

The game started off well but alas deteriorated quickly. I had my first Eagles beer of the year, it was foamy, watered down and expensive but delicious. (Not as yummy as the two smuggled beers though!)

KFC had a chicken and beer special. Thanks Colonel!

The fans were fun. I sat amidst a half-dozen fanatics who sang along to every players tune. Lots of fun. Even a puppet and Dragonball got involved.

The interstitials on the big screen between innings were fun. There was the famous John Williams music, a clip from Star Wars and then, "Episode IV. May the Bottom of the 4th be with you." Or, "Bottom of the 6th." Quite amusing.

The famous Balloon Launch. Even though we were losing horribly, people spirits soared with the balloons.

I wanted to meet Darth but I had to suffice with the Eagles Mascot.

I also saw the Mobcast Mascot, though I'd have preferred to have met the Mob-girls!

I was given a clear file and also picked up a Teppei-file.

Finally, I also got a Panson-Pin of Tanaka. Yay!


Swilling beer, Sausages and Snakes.

Pretty damn good weekend. It started off on Friday night with dinner with my paramour, Hisako whereupon I regifted her a birthday present. Since it was a gift that I'd originally given my mother, I thought it was okay to regift.

She also got a few Totoro items and some James Bond Girls nail polish!

I had a wedding on Saturday and afterwards, I attended the Meat Festival or Niku-matsuri which I coined as the Meatsuri. It was actually quite lame, yet I managed to buy a steak and a few plums. I caught the tail end of a Jazz trio and then on came a YoYoer.

Warning: really loud annoying song follows...

This gal giving out Frisks made me a little frisky. And I have NO idea what the other thing is!

I went home and changed and then back downtown for Junefest Oktoberfest which turned out to be one of the best fests in recent history.

With our new-found friends, I tore up the dance floor and did a 10-minute dance of with a hip-hop boy. I was exhausted from my 30-min. routine and was oblivious to my surroundings. Alex came back from peeing in the bushes to see a crowd gathered around and correctly surmised, "Mike is at it again."

After a few hours of Karaoke at Liga (Alex and my duet of Sweet Caroline is always a crowd pleaser), I popped into Ernies for some desperately needed Ginger Ale and made a new friend. (I may have a girlfriend now, but I'm not dead.)

I decided to retire around 3 until I bumped into pal Apple and ended up in a Punk Bar where I made yet another new friend. Not slimy in the least.

A shot of Dracula's Blood vodka, maybe it'll make a good Bloody Mary.

I'll end today with a heads-up to my Father the Father on this Father's Day.


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