Mei and The Kittenbus.

In honour of the birthday of the World's Biggest Totoro Fan (Note: may only be Toronto's Biggest), I forthwith present the tale of Mei and the Kittenbus. If you were a visitor of the Ghibli Museum between the Halloweens of 2002 and 2004, you could have seen this short animation live. Now you have to make do with shoddy bootlegs or badly copied photos of the pamphlet.

For your perusal, badly copied photos of the pamphlet!

So that's Mei and the Nekobus. Pretty cute, eh!

The aforementioned Errol continues his geeky ways with a daily webcomic and be sure to check out some old videos of his sadly demised pairing with fellow geek, Debs. Here is their final concert together performing their own little Totoro tune:

ps. I hope these shorts from the Museum are released on DVD someday. They look great!

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