Happy Ear Day!

It's once again time for the Hina Matsuri (click to see some Dinosaurs all dolled up) or Doll Festival and here is my contribution to the esteemed holiday*.

*Not really a holiday. Girls get gypped, Guys have their special day on May 5th and it is called Children's Day and they get a day off. Girls just get to display ningyou. Sexism yet again.

That's Captain Kirk and Yeoman Rand Ken and Barbie as the Emperor and Empress, the main couple in this fest.  Someday, I'll make my own display using various characters I have around my room. Maybe next year. In the meantime, here is an actual display that was front and centre in one of my schools over the last two weeks.

Oops, that is a display of Spidey-dolls.

 Oops again. That's a pair of dolls that my friend's daughter made. Here we go:

Hey, I also landed a package of candy at lunch today. I ended up giving them to a coworker, trying to curtail my sweet-tooth.

You may be wondering why I called it Ear Day today. My students pointed out to me that  
三月三日 = ミミ;  mimi = ear, therefore Ear Day!

I'm afraid that my Oscar tally will wait for another day. I'm busy watching the Awards now (well, the Red Carpet is on...how ANNOYING! Ryan Seacrest, some bimbo, some queen commenting on the actors' garb. Yawn.

UPDATE: Hey, the Google Doodle is rather appropriate today...

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