Mr. Smoketoomuch.

Since my lungs are shot anyway (stupid asthma), I thought I'd take up smoking. Don't I look suave puffing on a fag?

I decided to start with an exotic brand, Orions. They must be good, they're recommended by the gals from Vocaloid.(Which, come to think of it, sounds like a throat disease. Ooh, my vocaloids are acting up.)

While I'm inhaling, let's listen to Deep Purple's, Smoke on the Water, Vocaloid style!

Hey, wait a sec, these are just candy sticks! And they're hard as rocks, not at all yummy. Cocoa, orange and Soda flavoured. Ah well, I hope they aren't too addictive.

Oh what a silly bunt I am.

Speaking of candies, here are some mini-boxes of grape, orange, strawberry, apple, grapefruit, and Muscat grape mini-gumballs.

The 4 mini-balls in each mini-box for 63 yen, not bad. Yum.

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