Return Of The BLOG!

Has it really been over a month and a half since my last entry? (Rhetorical question: Yes, it has.)

Chalk it up to writers block, a virus/malware thingie (thank you stupid Winter Olympics) that made it frustrating to type, being busy, a two-week trip to Canada, etc., etc., etc...

Anyhow, I'm back and over the forthcoming weeks, I'll play catchup but for now, here's some pics from a Hanami party in Shiogama.

It started off with me searching for my work-colleagues within the vast expanse of the Shiogama Shrine.

I eventually tracked down my cohorts and chatted with a handful of them including the "other" Rifu teacher and about a dozen guys named Matt. Here I am with former and current coworker, Rumi.

After an hour of chitchat, we moved further downtown, caught the tail-end of a parade and I got gobbled by a dragon.

I ate some meat on a stick, played a few games (and lost), and landed a gig as a train engineer on the Mangattan Liner to Ishinomaki!

Some catching up starting tomorrow...

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