Happy Belated Easter!

Last week in all my classes, I donned the bunny ears and sent the kiddies on a merry Egg Hunt.

I stuffed each egg with a message, Grade 5ers got a Kokusai-Cupie, Grade 6ers got a letter from a Zombie, Monster or Skeleton alphabet. They then had to go around the room finding a match for their egg-spawn. A good time was had by all.

As you can see, I have a rather extensive collection of eggs to choose from. The toughest part is remembering where I'd hid them for some kiddies were unable to locate them.

When in Canada, I brought back a couple of egg decorating kits. I gave one away to a friend and the other went unused this year, except for the stickers. Each kid got a bunny!

Speaking of bunnies, reaching back into my archives of Happy Meal toys from 2011, Here's a trio of Hello Kitty Colourful Bunnies: Banana cream, Sherbet, and Raspberry.

Speaking of Hello Kitty, I'd be amiss if I didn't congratulate her on her 40th Anniversary. I'd hate to be a worker at a McDonald's in Singapore, they seem to go Kitty crazy!

These look rather cute, I hope they also come to Japan!

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