On Safari.

I had a few hours to kill in Himeji City so I decided to go on Safari! A thirty minute drive through a spacious zone featuring lions and tigers and bears, oh my! (Except for the bears, they came later.) I can't find the guidebook that I received upon entry so I can't tell you exactly what each of the animals are, but you should be able to recognize most of them.

Some Ibex/ Antelope/ Big Horned Sheep-type beasties.

Look out there are Llamas! Also Bison, Wildebeests and Camels.

Rhinos, Elephants and Bears (I told ya.)

In this walk around enclosure, you can get up and fairly close to several different animals and birds..

 I like Capybaras but I love Coatis.
 Merely Meercats.

 These big cats aren't allowed to wander with the others because they are endangered (or dangerous, I'm not sure which.)

Now I'm in the mood for a Kirin beer!

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