Children's Day is not just for Kids.

I picked up these three Captain Action figures a while back for under 20 bucks. (I've seen one of them go for about 100$ on Amazon.) Since today is Children's Day here in Japan and since I know of no bigger child than myself, it seemed like a good time to show them off.

Two villains, Dr. Evil and Ming the Mercilless...

 And one hero, Kato!

With artwork by the amazing Carmine Infantino, these were just too nice to pass up. The problem now is seeking out the other ones.

Since it is Children's Day, let's see how families here celebrate the date.

 Ahh. So that's what is done. Flying giant carp banners. Makes sense to me.
 These were taken in Zao, you can find them all over Japan today, but these ones are pretty cool!

We ate at Zao Boo Burger and it was quite delicious.

Within the little town, there are several quaint shops yet I never expected to see a giant Tengu head above a conbini!

ps. This is what I had for Star Wars Day on May the Fourth.

In case you're unaware as to the significance of SW-Day, here is Tim Russ to explain it for you.

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