It's In The Cards.

Happy 90th Anniversary of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. May your heart be riddled with bullets!

In a slightly less gruesome sentiment, I hope everyone else is enjoying the day. I spent the evening alone watching Lucifer and Gotham, yet I'm not at all disappointed by that. I also pigged out on some of the chocolates given to me by the female teachers at one of my schools today. I tried to only eat one, but was unsuccessful in doing so.

Below was a homemade choco given to all from one of the older gals at work.

This wonderfully origami-wrapped treat was provided to me from my favourite school.

Imagine my disappointment at the contents.

I saw Aquaman again last night with a friend and she gave me a triple treat of tartlettes. I had them for breakfast.

On Monday, our school lunch included a heart-shaped meat patty. Aww.

These treats may not have been Valentine-oriented yet simply omiyage (souvenirs). Yummy though.

I have spent Valentine's for the last week by providing my students with Valentine Cards to give out to their school pals. 90% of the kids chose Marvel cards, DC just didn't catch their fancy.

I picked these up last year on sale.

Most of the kids (99% of the girls and 80% of the boys) enjoyed filling out the cards and giving them to their friends. And they each gave a card to their teacher as well. I can't find the other two (Avengers and Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman right now), this Super Hero Girls was the least popular card. (NOTE: I have over 1000 students, so they all had photocopies of the above cards, I can't afford to give them all away!)

About two dozen kids gave me a card. Only two gals personalized them.

This box of cards had fallen out of the bag and slipped under my car seat. I didn't notice them until today. I suspect they would have been even more popular.

I think I'll give out these stickers next week.

All in all, it was a fun week.

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