Happy Lupercalia!

Since no one wants to see pictures of me running around nekkid wearing my Wolf's head for Lupercalia, I'll show some Valentines instead.


 And my personal favourite:

This is my new avatar for Facebook and if I had the Photoshop skills, I'd add the byline, "I chew, chew, chews you!"

No big Valentine news though I did have dinner with my part-time paramour last Monday. We had Indian food at Namaskar and there's nothing like naan for showing off my impeccable table manners.

I initially considered "Elephant" but on second thought, I prefer that long-faced guy from Beetlejuice.

I gave Hisako a trio of planetary chocolates and a quintet of strawberry terriers. I was disappointed to learn later that her son consumed all of the dogs! At least he didn't go all Galactus on the Earth and Venus.

I didn't receive anything from her though she has a second chance when I see her tomorrow. I'll be in the company of several other friends so I don't think I'll get the chance to model these Kumamon boxers that I picked up.

Thanks to influenza, my classes were cancelled today so I'll never know whether I would have been a recipient of any chocos. Fortunately buddy Alex came through with some leftovers that he landed from his students including a  hedgehog cookie and a Darth-dollar!

How was YOUR Valentine's/ Lupercalia?

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