Superb Owl

I have never seen a Superbowl game and I have no desire to see one in the future. Once again the match-up is lopsided though this time the Seattle Seahawks came out triumphant. I don't disapprove. I have never seen the Puppy Bowl nor the Kitten Bowl either. The only thing that the Superbowel is good for is the inundation of multi-million $ ads.

For example, the new ad for Captain America, The Winter Soldier that is due in April premiered.

Pretty good stuff and it shows off a lot more than the mini-preview I got when I saw マイティ・ソー/ダーク・ワールド = Thor last Saturday. Awesome movie, great effects and it didn't skimp on referencing Asgard and Norse Mythology's tongue-twisting Nine Worlds. More importantly, it maintains a sense of humour throughout, mostly provided by Darcy but everyone has a few giggles.

I also picked up a 3D Poster and clear file. Sweet.

Speaking of giggles, this has a few including lots of Spoilers so caveat emptor. And the pub in which they hang out totally stole the name of my bar (once I get around to owning one.)

Back to the ads, there is a HUGE amount of nerdy goodness in these ads. Spider-Man 2, Transformers, Noah, Muppets, Lego, British Villains, Matrix, and Goldiblox (whatever the heck that is.)

I'm rather impressed by the nerdiness in this Radio Shack ad as well.

If anyone knows of any other cool commercials from the SouperBowl, please let me know.  

This rather poignant ad would never be shown during a football match due to the message given. Check out
change the mascot to see a touching video.

Enough of the ToiletSuperbowl, here is an ad that you may not have seen outside of Japan. It's for Subaru and features my new found friends, the Titans.

I'm looking forward to next year's SuperAds.

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