Momo Better Blues.

My Grade Sixers are learning the tale of Momotaro in English right now. The story in the text is INCREDIBLY lame but I've split them into groups and they're in the process of performing it in front of their classmates. Unfortunately due to an influenza outbreak, several performances have been postponed because few of the groups have a full cast.

I recommend you watch Samurai Jack talk about the tale in order to get yourselves into the mood. (Apologies for the dopey game Tales Runner's beginning. FF about 30 seconds.)

The kids all drew masks of the leads, Momotaro, Grandma, Grandpa, a dog, a monkey, a pheasant and a pair of Oni. Here is one class's interpretation of the characters.

First up, some Momotaros. The first few are more standard, then there's a less traditional version and a Momotarette.

The grandparents:

That last one is quite the GILF. (Grandmother I'd Like To F...)

The troops. Note, I gave them free rein here and allowed them to choose their own animals. Most chose the traditional allies, some went off-model.

And their nemeses, the Oni!

I love the Zippy-look of the last one.

Out of 30 potential performances, so far I've only seen two! It'll be a long two weeks (or six weeks depending on how many absentees we have.)

Mo' Momo Tomorrow!

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