A Valiant End.

Sad to report the demise of a terrific actor, Bob Hoskins. Brazil, The Long Good Friday, Mona Lisa, Hook (the only good thing in it), Roger Rabbit and tons more. Of these, my favourite has to be Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

(True story: I once began writing a short story about a Guinea Pig named Sam Spayd who solved murders in Newspaper Comic Strips. Then Gary K Wolf came along with Who Censored Roger Rabbit and I chucked the whole thing.)

But when the movie came out, I absolutely adored it. I was familiar with Bob from Mona Lisa and Brazil yet he proved to be the perfect foil for Roger. Back in my Tokiwagi days, I showed it to my students a few times yet since then I don't think I've viewed it. I'll have to rectify that!

My deluxe version comes with two discs, including a ton of extras:

 Including the infamous Pig-Head scene!

It comes in a nifty package shaped like a notebook ...

... and also includes a couple of postcards!

I'll have to rewatch the movie, dig up my Movie Pamphlet and report back. Hmm. I wonder if I have any Happy Meal toys from it?

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