Atomu 009

I finally made it to the Miyagi Museum of Art today to see the "Power of Manga" exhibit featuring work from Osamu Tezuka and Shotaro Ishinomori. (Click the second link there for some examples of their work.)

Below are a few photos I snapped before I was told that I shouldn't be taking any photos. (Hey, there wasn't any sign!)

I really wanna track down that "Lost World" comic. I wonder if it's based on Arthur Conan Doyle's story.

Outside of the exhibit (which takes up the entire second floor) is a quintet of gals who make up 5/9 of the Cyborg 009 gang. I don't know if they are AKBers or not but they certainly are cute.

 I became a member and made it a sextet. (Heh,heh.)

Loads of goods to be purchased, I opted for a Clear File (natch), a pack of cards and a package of goodies.

Let's delve into them, shall we.

There 9 cards in the set and I got some stills from the Manga, 火の鳥  (Hi no Tori, "bird of fire" = Phoenix). I have a copy of this around here somewhere, I'll have to break it out one of these days.

Flip the cards over and you get a wonderful triple-triptych puzzle.

In the package are another Clear File, two towels, some stickers, and a few memo pad/ post-it notes. Not a bad haul.

I had enough coins leftover to grab a Gatcha. I got Leo! (Hmm. I also landed a movie pamphlet of this recently. I need to write about it someday.)

So if you like either of the above artists or any of the recent batch of Manga-artists who were influenced by them (there are some of their tribute works on display as well), head on down to the Art Museum (see first link way above.) Unfortunately, you only have until Sunday!

As an added bonus, you can enter some displays on the first floor, one of which includes works by Klee and Kandinsky. Even better, you can see Van Gogh's Sunflowers!!

When I return from Canada in a few weeks, I'll be heading to Ishinomaki to see more of Ishinomori's work at the Mangattan!

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