Hot Off The Presses!

In most countries, newspapers are becoming a dying medium but here in Japan, they are still booming. For example, for just 320yen, you can get this 24-page tome. Great covers and a huge centerfold spread are the selling points but it's also jam-packed with articles, interviews, and photos past and present. Guess who is featured...

Relatively few ads and even then, they feature Gojira himself (he is such a shill).

I can understand the ads for movies, figures and even the coin but a mattress??

I suppose even Godzilla has to sleep somewhere.

Unlike the manga, I'm on top of this newspaper and have snagged a few copies. Let me know if you are interested and I can send you one...


Don Chan said...

(Maybe you already knew this?)


Boy With Cancer Granted Wish to Be Godzilla


The star of this movie, however, will be no Hollywood action hero, but a five-year-old boy undergoing treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.
His greatest wish?
To become the 800-foot-tall lizard he watched on the big screen with his father and grandfather, also huge Godzilla fans.

Michael Jones said...

That's very sweet, Dan. Thanks for the input.
I hope the kid gets his wish.


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