Don't be mislead by the post-title, it is definitely safe for work. For the last month or so, one can buy a Godzilla-Cup at the cinema. Alas, they are sold out at Movix at 800and at 109, they cost 950¥. I recently managed to get a cup at CineForum for 700¥. Woohoo!

They are definitely promoting the heck out of this movie. All the staff at Movix are wearing this t-shirt. Who do I need to mug in order to get one?

Unfortunately, there is still very little merchandising out there. I need to track this down for it has to be one of the coolest vehicles out there. It would fit in well racing against the Slag Brothers in Wacky Races. Check out the Gojiramobile.

Over at famima (Family Mart conbini) will soon feature ゴジラーメン (Gojira-ramen??). Not sure what it entails, I'll have to wait until July 24th to find out. (Click that link for details.)

I wish they had one of these in my city. I'll have to go visit in Tokyo next week before I head to Canada. It's positively statuesque!

More Goodz as I find them...

Addendum: I forgot about this item. I believe that there was a larger model of this for several thousand bucks made out of gold, this guy is much more reasonably priced at just over 100$. You have your choice of Godzilla or Ghiddorah.

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