Jazz Fest part 2. I had another wedding Sunday morning so I didn't arrive until 2ish and head straight for the flea market in Nishi Park. It was still very wet but I managed to get around without too much of a soaker.

 Mmm. Shinkansen beer.

A Capella gals in front of Parco.

One of the very few musicians I encountered along the way. I think they cut down on the amount of venues this year.

No those clouds don't look at all foreboding.

The swamp at the park.

I didn't see much worth buying at the Flea Market but I couldn't leave empty-handed so I got some Halloween goods.

 And a cheap jacket from my former drug dealer*.

*He used have a used goods shop downtown and I was a regular. Back when they were legal, I bought some Magic Mushrooms off of him.

The Rockers and Jeggae (Japanese Reggae) weren't bad but not overly impressive.

As I walked by, these two guys just wouldn't shut up, yapping away incessantly. Once they started playing, I wished they had continued talking.

I took refuge from the sudden downpour inside Mediateque and heard a guy singing standards in French.

I spent the next hour trying to track down a few friends to no avail, so I just sat on the rocks and listened to some Blues and let them find me.

I was ready to head home when I read that BIRD was singing today. I'd assumed it was a paid gig but it was free and so I trekked back to Nishi Park. I arrived just in time to hear her sing and thought she was amazing. Her English had really improved and sang some Jazzy ditties. Much to my embarrassment, I learned that the microscopic singer on stage was not she, rather it was Hiroko Williams. Still wonderful!

My new-found friends informed me of my error and we split a few brew and laughs.

Then the tiniest of Birds flew on the stage and warbled wonderfully.

I first saw her on late-night TV back when I lived in Tokyo over 14 years ago. Back then, she had this crazy Afro and I instantly became enamoured with her. Just to prove that I have indeed been listening to Bird, here are several of her cds that I've collected over the years (full disclosure: usually for 100-300 yen.)

A great way to end the Jazz Fest!!

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