Hiking With Honey.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to blog from Canada so I have some backblog to catch up on. One sunny day, my host, Phil, and his Golden Retriever, Honey, went for a long hike up the Etobicoke River. Here are some photos I took along the way.

First, I'll show you some of the cool graffiti we encountered.

That last one was also the first one I saw but the earlier picture was too dark. Definitely some talented vandals around here.

Lots of flora, here are some of the flowers.

Apart from the dog, not much fauna.

But lots of lovely scenery...

Well, that last one isn't very scenic but the raccoons like it.

I tried to hone my stone skipping skills, though there was one slight deterrent to that endeavour.

Finally some shots of Honey with a Spongebob Frisbee.

And she successfully captures it.

Too bad the dog wimped out on me later and refused to retrieve Spongebob from the opposite side of the river. Ah well, a present for some future hiker.

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